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Blood work

Professor R and HB are so right here. Definitley, add some fruits and veggies, olive oil, and oatmeal into your diet. Broccoli is one of my favorite all around veggies, that does sooo many good things for your body. The oatmeal will LITERALLY soak up bad cholosterol! It is such a powerful food, it has good fiber in it and in addition the the cholestorol soaking, it will also provide you with some solid energy throughout the day.

Thanks again guys, by oatmeal were talking orignal, non-flavored, can plaster walls with type of oatmeal, right? I will suck it up and choke it down.

Chris, I’m not sure about the beer, but I wouldn’t think 2 beers will screw up a blood test.

Here is my cholesterol story: A while back I posted a note about Lipitor for high cholesterol. My Doctor wanted me to take 20 mg once a day to improve my profile. I complied and am sharing my results after six (6) weeks of therapy. Before Lipitor: Total Cholesterol = 295, HDL = 48, LDL = 231, Ratio = 6.1, Triglycerides = 82 After Lipitor: Total Cholesterol = 184, HDL = 48 (same), LDL = 119, Ratio = 3.8, Triglycerides = 85. SGOT and SGPT are within the normal range. These results reflect NO change in diet or exercise regimen, except for the addition of 8 - 12 ounces of red grape juice at dinner. The Dr. said that he was amazed with my response to what is considered a relatively low dose. He also said that I cut my heart attack risk by about 40% BTW…both tests were done after a 12 hour fast.