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Blood Work

I have posted this question on another forum but want to ask here as well. the more input the better.

Well I just got back from my doctor visit that I have been waiting on for the past 2 months. I have low thyroid that I am on meds for and take daily. I used to be on Provigil to help me stay awake since i also have a problem staying awake. I have had this problem for years.

I started my current cycle 1 month ago 500mg omnadren/week and 75 eod tren ace. so for the sides from tren are not bad at all for me axcept it is makeing me even more tired. So after talking to my doc (not telling him about the gear) he wants me to get my free test checked because of the constant being tired, and weight fluctuation (which is from the gear and dieting).

But I hold weight bad on the love handles and he was saying because of my build I should not have that much excess on my sides (weird). Here is the delima. Do I stop my cycle and pct now then get my bloodwork done or stay on and get the bloodwork done. The bllodwork will check my t3-t4 levels and my free test. The only reason that I am worried is that I dont want my levels so high that it is obvious that I am on and he puts it in my file and goes againt my insurance. any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I would just not get the blood test done…you know why you are having these symptoms, so its really just a waste of money…dont forget that you dont work for your doctor–he works for you…he can’t make you get it done