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Blood work


I have a serious problem, i dont know whats going on...

I need some help regarding my blood work.

26 Years old, 183 around 13% bodyfat.

I always had problem with 2 Major things(I did multiple blood work)

2 things always came out : Thyroid(TSH) and Cortisol Both are too high

I asked them to Measure Free T3 and the idiots didnt even measure even after Elevated TSH

TSH = 4.9 mU/L (0.3-4.0) Too high

Free T4 = 18 mol/L (12-22)

Cortisol 8 AM: 697 nmol/L (170 -550) Too high

Estradiol = 30.78 pg/mL

Dheas 8.6 nmol/L (4.3 - 12.2)

Testosterone = 668 ng/dL

SHBG = 46 nmol/L (10 - 80)

Prolactin = 9 Ug/L (4-15)

FSH = 6 U/L

LH = 6 U/L

Progesterone = 0.1 < Beneath 0.1 Undectable WTF is this??? To low???

So in general, i feel like shit low energy.

My cortisol is always too high and My TSH is elevated (4.9)

I have problems.

Thyroid TSH = 4.9
Cortisol is all over the place, too high in the afternoon and morning.

Im always cold, My Joints Fucking Hurt like hell(it feel like i have Arthritis at 26 years old?? Wtf??) Always Constipated...

I dont know about my progesterone levels... It seem to be too low???? I cant understand that..

What am i supposed to do???


See a thyroid specialist?

Some doctors still consider TSH levels of between 3-4,5 as "normal" but there is a discussion whether the cut-off point should not be 2,5.