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Blood Work?


Had some tests run, and also had my T level checked. So I called tonight and talked to the physicians assistant. She spouted off a couple of things and said everything was in the normal range. Thyriod was fine, I have some elevated numbers on my liver enzymes.

Then we got to the testosterone level. I asked what the #'s were and the only one they gave was 320 on the scale of 240-850. Of course she says normal. I said NO!

I need a list of what to have them check when I go in there Monday and talk to the doctor. I just turned 29 last weekend and having all the classic symptoms. This sucks...

Fuzzy headed
Always tired and tough to get up in the morning
Low LOW libido
and on and on....


Remind them that that is not normal for your age.

Get a copy, always, of the original lab reports.

Thyroid what? TSH only?

Could be some mood/depression issues too.

You need TT, FT and E2 numbers. If prolactin is up, that is HPTA repressive.

Whats up with weigth gain and where you carry fat?

When you wake up, check body temp before you get out of bed.


What does morning body temp indicate?




Nothing in the form of depression, actually pretty happy. I have been starting to carry a little more weight in the thigh and lower ab regions.
I’m 6’7" @ 270 lbs. started putting on weight a few months ago. I’m going to get the lab results this week, and probably have to order another test to get all the #'s


[quote]ontrack wrote:
What does morning body temp indicate?[/quote]

Low thyroid levels. Will often indicate a problem when labs are inconclusive.