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Blood Work Tomorrow, Did I Mess It Up?


Doing an am cortisol, fsh, lh, prolactin, ft3 and rt3 test tomorrow morning.
Not even thinking about it I started lifting today. Managed to do my a normal squat warm up then 1 set 295x8, 2sets of 315x7. Just realized what I did and it’s about 8pm so I called it quits and went home. Test tomorrow is at 8am ish
My max currently is around 400-425ish.
Also just started creatine again 3 das ago and have been loading around 20-25g a day.
Is this going to throw my results off?

Prior to the t test and am cortisol test (done too late) last week I didn’t work out about 3 days prior and was creatine free. Now worried I screwed it all up


The only labs that can be predictably messed up from training is AST/ATL.

When you get your labs, please go back here: Low T, Trying to Find Solution without TRT If Possible

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