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Blood Work Timing on TRT?


On the second dose of delatestryl 200 mg/ml every two weeks. (I understand that is less than optimal now finding this forum) Will work on the doctor to let me take over the injections and go weekly if he'll swing for it.

Before injections was on testim for about 6 months with marginal results.....FIRST injection was like WOW!!!! This is so much better than that stinking cream its not even funny. Don't know how to describe it but its better in every way, just seems to be there when you need it.....On the tube just seems like your flat looking for that damn thing the next day!

My question: when should I go for my blood work with a two week interval between injections? I'm 4 days into the second injection....is two injections enough build up to check for correct dosing?

I can't say I felt a hard peak, seemed really smooth, however did fall flat about half way through the second week.

The wealth of knowledge on here is staggering to say the least, appreciate any advice.


THis is hard to answer because every 2 weeks is such a nonsensical protocol we have never had to answer it before.

halfway will mark your half point though, which will be close to an average (albeit one with great variance). I would probably opt for that if I were in your situation.

But obviously you need to get your own test and do your own injections at least twice a week.


My doc has a gigantic ego and my spidey sense is telling me suggesting much of anything will go over like a lead balloon. Actually working through his aid and she's fairly up on this but it comes down to this quack has to sign off on the rx.

Once through the initial dosing I'm pretty confident that I will be able to do the injections (they let me pick up the rx). Over a bit of time working over the aid to include the rest of the protocol that has been suggested on here.

Still can't get over how well it works, the nurse that did the injection mentioned that it would be a month or better for the full result....I was into it within the hour!

Thanks for the advice I'll test then.

I have little to offer the board here, as my experience is very limited but I can add switching from Testim to the delatestryl was a HUGE step in the right direction.


Tell doc that you want smoother levels, more natural, and that you want to self inject twice a week. READ the stickies. And read more!


Try to get the script from the Dr then do your own injections. Stop putting money in his pocket every 2 weeeks is rediculous. Then you can take the required dosage but then can have administered what you deemed appropriate on how you feel while staying in the guidelines.