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Blood Work Suggestions


I am planning to see my doc tomorrow to request a liver enzyme panel. At 44, and not having any general blood work done in recent memory, I thought now's the time for a more comphrehensive analysis.

In addition to the liver panel, which I've read should include Creatine Kinase and GGT- HDL,LDL,TRI GLY- Tot Test,Free Test, Estradiol, anything additional or more specific that I should ask for?


does a liver panel incude your liver function tests? (ALT AST) - just curious or maybe you have a different name for them in the states

ALT -The level of ALT abnormality is increased in conditions where cells of the liver have been inflamed or undergone cell death. As the cells are damaged, the ALT leaks into the bloodstream leading to a rise in the serum levels.

AST - This enzyme also reflects damage to the hepatic cell. It is less specific for liver disease. It may be elevated and other conditions such as a myocardial infarct (heart attack). Although AST is not a specific for liver as the ALT, ratios between ALT and AST are useful to physicians in assessing the etiology of liver enzyme abnormalities.


Thanks supermick,
I believe AST and ALT are included in the liver panel. Maybe I should have posted in the Over 35.

I wasn't planning a complete over 40 physical, just a check on important blood markers. Cholesterol, sex hormones, c-reactive protein, etc.

Any other over 40 advice?



PSA would be good


This website will tell u exactly what test does what...


Very usefull


I have answered this question before, but here it is again:

Things you want screened a the docs:

CBC - will tell you if you have polycythemia

Lytes (sodium, potasium, e.t.c.- an indication of kidney function

Creatinine, and Urea - kidney function -these may be artificially high due to protein intake, and if you have gone off-cycle, muscle catabolism

protein urea - an indication of kidney damage - to be done if your lytes, creatinine or urea are elevated

Liver enzymes

Billirubin - if enzymes elevated

Blood lipid levels

glucose - fasting blood sugars if possible.

testosterone levels - if off cycle.

estrogen - if test levels low.

LH - if test levels low.

non blood work tests

Blood pressure

EKG. - to check for cardiac arythmias and normality or changes. An ekg can indicate things such as for example left-sided cardiac hypertrophy.