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Blood Work Sucks

Free T cannot be made in my country and costs like 120 dollars to send it from my lab to US, so i didnt test it, I will test it when i have more money.

E2 ESTRADIOL 31.70 [*] 0-56
FSH 2.69 [] 0.95-11.95
LH 6.69 [
] 1.14-8.75
T4 FREE 1.08 [*] 0.70-1.48
TSH 2.455 [*] 0.35-4.94
GLUCOSE 63.40 [__] 60-100
__] 262-1593

elevated LH,
low FSH
normal t4 and tsh
and “normal” estradiol.

What do you think about that KSman?

Note: as i said im taking prednisone, thats a corticosteroid for an inflamation i have in my left eye area. my white cells are 19 where top range is 10 thats because of the inflamation I supose. I dont know if any of those values are changed by the corticosteroid. I didnt test my cortisol because my doc said it would be changed by prednisone.

someone please comment, those test were from 2 days ago…

could the high hcg doses posibly damage my lh receptors in my testes?
if the answer is yes, is it reversible?
what stuff apart from a trt should i use.

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