Blood Work Shows Out of Range Without TRT

I’m 32 and work out regularly. I have a good physique but recently noticed the onset of Gyno. This worries me because I am NOT on any TRT or supplements. As I’m sure you all know, I have had no real luck with dr’s about this. My blood work showed estrodial at 51, total test at 600 and total cholesterol at 103…Everything else was normal range and I can give you those numbers if you need them. These are the ones I figured might be out of range. I don’t understand why my estrodial would be so high and I would get puffy sore nipples out of the blue. My PSA was normal, blood counts were all in range.

Can anybody offer any advice on this? Should I be concerned of some sort of Tumor, or would that throw other numbers off?? I have a long list of blood work I had drawn up and can post whatever may help, didn’t want to post any thing unnecessary right away. Thanks for the help

Look into Maca Root.

Ok, sounds interesting. I will look more into this…Still looking for some advice on my condition. Thanks for the help

ALT/AST liver maker lab results would be useful. Your ability to clear E2 from your blood may be the problem.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky. You will find useful information there. We need more info to be able to help.