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Blood Work Results


Hi People,

Got some more blood tests back,can u guys have a look and see if u come to the same conclusion of my doc.

Sodium 141 mmol/L
Potassium 4.0 mmol/L
Urea 5.9 mmol/L
Creatinine 124H aemol/L !!!!!
Glucose 4.7 mmol/L
Osmol-calc 293 mmol/kg

Bili Tot. 13 umol/L
Alt 29 U/L
Ast 25 U/L
Alkp 96 U/L
Ggt 25 U/L
Protein 81H g/l
Albumin 44 g/l
Globulin 35 g/l

Calcium 2.28 mmol/L
CorrCalcium 2.28 mmol/L
Phosphate 1.06 mmol/L

Cholesterol 4.00 mmol/L
Trig 1.74 mmol/L
HDL Chol 0.80 mmol/L
LDL Chol 2.3 mmpl/L

Now My creatinine levels are high he ays.Im 6 '4 240 pounds with a good amount of muscle on me so that could result in higher creatinine levels yeah??

He is also a bit worried about the calcuim .

Now i have to go see a renal specialist to get a cysy on my upper left kidney checked.Could this be affecting my results?

Anyway thanks for your help guys if u have anything to say about my results.




Hey buddy, are you overseas somewhere? I have never seen lab results reported in the units you have listed here. Pretty much everything except for ions like sodium, potassium, chloride and CO2 should be expressed in mg/dL, not mmol/L. Weird.

Anyway, I googled around for what the micromoles per liter normal values for creatinine were, just to get an idea of what we are up against, and:


About one third down the page, we see that the creatinine normal limits for the good folks at Watson Pharma go up to 132 aemol/L. So by their standards, you're not even abnormal. Now remember that different labs have different standards and all, but your so-called "high creatinine" isn't very high at all. Given your lifestyle, increased muscle metabolism, etc. compared to a non-athlete (which is what they use to establish normal ranges for lab values), I would say that you don't have much to show with these lab results.

Have a beer.

Take care of that cyst, and good luck with your training... hope I helped.


Lothario, don't worry about him being overseas, these are international system of units-based, used everywhere in the world besides the US and some carribean countries. I had the same but opposite reaction when I went on a US site on cholesterol...mg/dL, what the hell?

But its true that creatinine increases as a function of size and muscle mass and diet (high meat intake can increase creatinine 10-30% and that's not talking about creatine intake), maybe a recent training might increase it a bit althouhg I haven't reasearched this.

But remember that lab tests normal values are most often adjusted for 1.70m2 surface area (which is averaged out over the population, which depend among others things on weight and height). So its a bit like the Body Mass Index, it works well for basically everybody, except the people on T-Nation.

For exemple, the Harrison's Principle of Internal Medecine's lab values indicate a normal of under 133 umol/L. So for a guy your size (6'4'' 240...that's pretty much out of the averages, especially if you're fairly muscular) I wouldn't be too concerned about it, but its better to have a physician who suspects too much than not enough.

For your calcium levels they seem in the lines of 2.2-2.6 mmol/L, unless what you show is ionized calcium which would be averaged at 1.1-1.4 mmol/l and put you above the limits (if that were the case, you wouldn't be feeling fine right now I believe. I can't see why he would be concerned about it, but then again, we don't have your medical history, so most of the comments you get from us don't mean jack :wink:

As for a simple cyst on the kidneys, more ofthen than not they are harmless and if they don't inflict pain or cause symptomes, they are not cause for treatment. More rarely they can hamper kidney function, become infected or start too bleed, sometimes can cause high blood pressure.

Hope everthing ends up being fine and dandy for you,


You Canucks always mess things up. It's SUPPOSED to be mg/dL. Trust me. :slight_smile:

Hey Alex, are you a lab tech too, or are you an "armchair physiologist"? LOL

As far as I know, I'm the only lab person who posts around here. There's a couple of doctors, but that's about it. It would be nice to hear from a fellow lab rat. Even if you put gravy on your french fries or something. :slight_smile:


I gotta tell ya, its you Americans who are freaking nuts. You're SUPPOSED to put gravy on your french fries...even with some cheese. If not, its just too damn healthy.

Well, I'm not a lab tech, but I did spend a couple of months doing research in undergrad in an hospital biochem lab. The senior lab techs were great help since the biochemist in charge wasn't often there. Had a great time there (worked mostly with Troponin T, CK-MB and some coag. stuff).

I still keep a keen interest in lab related issues. Last year I was doing an management internship in an hospital and managed to get a good look at their lab. Fully automated, freaking amazing, from delivery to machine to fridge.

For the moment I'm just an armchair physiologist (undergrad in biomedical science)and in a couple of years I'll be ordering those lab tests.

I don't think I could work as a lab tech in the long run, running tests for doctors that more often than not, don't really understand what' really behind the numbers. You know like the first times when Creatine supps. and renal fuctions were studied...OH MY GOD, This young athlete is going into renal failure...LOOK AT HIS CREATININE LEVELS, THEY'RE THROUGH THE ROOF!!!

Good to know that your in the business, instead of busting my ass trying to figure out some weird lab result, I'll just post here!!!

Good day,


Good for you bro, I'll be here.

Oh well, it's kinda cool having the monopoly on lab techness around here, I guess. Unless somebody else would pipe up??? Any other lab rats lurking in cyberspace out there???


Hi Guys

Thanks for the reply's.Im in Australia so that's why the units of measure might seem weird.

Im going to see a renal specialist about the cyst on kidney,so hopefully everything is ok there.

Cheers for the kind words.



I'm not a lab rat..yet, but I am a nerd and looked up all the values in my dated copy of "Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests" I bought at the university surplus for $.25

So that just makes me a nerd, right?


Yeah. But it's okay, I'll Fedex you a lab coat, so you can fake it better. Sorry, I'm all out of pocket protectors and leaky pens. :slightly_smiling:

So what's with the "yet"? Are you planning on attaining "lab rat"dom in the near future?