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Blood Work Results


Testosterone Male 467.3 280.0 - 1100.0 ng/dL


Wbc 4.6 4.2 - 11.0 K/mcL
Rbc 4.69 4.50 - 5.90 mil/mcL
Hgb 15.2 13.0 - 17.0 g/dL
Hct 46.3 39.0 - 51.0 %
Mcv 98.7 78.0 - 100.0 fl
Mch 32.4 26.0 - 34.0 pg
Mchc 32.8 32.0 - 36.5 g/dL
Rdw 12.7 11.0 - 15.0 %
Plt 295 140 - 450 K/mcL
Diff Type AUTO DIFF verified by smear review.
Lymph 25 %
Mid Cells 14 %
Neutrophil 61 %
Absolute Lymph 1.2 1.0 - 4.8 K/mcL
Absolute Mid 0.6 0.1 - 1.1 K/mcL
Absolute Neutrophil 2.8 1.8 - 7.7 K/mcL

Sodium 142 135 - 145 mmol/L
Potassium 4.3 3.4 - 5.1 mmol/L
Chloride 106 98 - 107 mmol/L
Carbon Dioxide 29 21 - 32 mmol/L
Anion Gap 11 10 - 20 mmol/L
Glucose 71 65 - 99 mg/dL
Bun 22 10 - 20 mg/dL H
Creatinine 1.17 0.50 - 1.30 mg/dL
Gfr African American >60
Gfr, Estimate >60
Bun/creatinine Ratio 19 7 - 25
Calcium 8.7 8.4 - 10.2 mg/dL
Total Bilirubin 0.2 0.2 - 1.0 mg/dL
Ast/sgot 19 Units/L
Alt/sgpt 34 Units/L
Alk Phosphatase 73 50 - 136 Units/L
Total Protein 6.9 6.4 - 8.2 g/dL
Albumin 4.0 3.4 - 5.0 g/dL
Globulin 2.9 2.0 - 4.0 g/dL
A/g Ratio, Serum 1.4 1.0 - 2.4

Fasting Status NONFASTING hrs
Cholesterol 155 100 - 200 mg/dL
Calculated Ldl 86 mg/dL
Hdl 62 mg/dL
Triglyceride 35 mg/dL
Calculated Non Hdl 93 mg/dL
Chol/hdl 2.5

Tsh 1.084 0.350 - 5.000 mcUnits/mL

Seems like everything with a range listed is at or near normal, does anyone experienced see something here that I don't?


Nothing stands out to me, personally. I would have expected a few more tests than that though, specifically B6, B12, Vitamin D. I'll have to take a look at my own bloodwork to see what else was tested that might have been missed. Those three are the fairly important ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Good luck with the Wellbutrin (I just caught up on that thread.) Some things work for some people, others don't. The most important part at this point is to just take the medication religiously as prescribed, since it will take several weeks before you can really say "it works" or "it doesn't work".

Typically, with any med, you'll start on a low dose to check for side effects. After 4-6 weeks there will be a followup, in which case the dose will usually be bumped up if there aren't any adverse side effects. From that point, based on whether it's "working" or not, the dosage will be titrated up or down. If this one doesn't work for you, they'll try another one.

Also, the studies say that medication combined with CBT are more effective than medication or CBT alone. Just something to consider.

Good luck.


Are you getting blood work done to find causes for depression or anxiety? Not sure what this thread is about but going off the response that LoRez posted... If that is the case and you are trying to rule out any medical causes I highly suggest you get checked for sleep apnea, or talk to an ears, nose, throat specialist and see what they say about that possibility. Sleep deprivation can cause all sorts of emotional and physical effects.

Other then that if you are interested in using CBT I have all the info you could need and can guide you in the right direction.. It actually can be like a flick of a switch different in your mental state. If you find out any distorted thinking or irrational beliefs you may have and see through the falsehood in them. It only takes a bit of extra involvement n your end, just the willingness to do the work and dig out the causes of your challenges and let them go.


Not sure what this is for, but...

Should get a more comprehensive hormone test perhaps? All you got is total test, which doesn't tell us the whole picture. And we don't know your age, so it's hard to gauge where your TT is at even now.


I'm going to give the office a call tomorrow as Tuesday is my doctor's day off. He told me to start the wellbutrin at 1 150mg dose for the first week. I will report back on what he says. What is CBT?


I had my deviated septum fixed and tonsils removed because of sleep apnea. A few weeks back my girlfriend told me I was choking in my sleep again. I was diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. I'm still really torn between taking the wellbutrin and just shouldering the burden as I always have. The people whose opinion I care about are telling me to try it so I figure I probably should.


I will bring it up at my next appointment. I am 21.


Zep, another thing you might want to look into is methylation. It is very much involved in depression and many other illnesses (cancer, arthritis, autism). It involves how we process (or don't) the B Vitamins, Folic Acid (and/or Folate), SAM-e, etc. Really worth reading up on. I can tell you just incorporating a B-Complex, a Methyl B-12, and SAM-e into my daily regimen has vastly improved my energy and mood. No question.


Great point. The methylated form of folic acid is 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF). Deplin is a prescription often given in conjunction with other meds for depression, and is simply 5-MTHF in a higher dose than most OTC supplements. The dose is either 7.5 or 15mg.


You don't need Wellbutrin if you are not comfortable with it, but you definitely also don't have any burdens to carry. CBT is cognitive behavioral training, what is interesting about what you mentioned is chronic fatigue. Who made that diagnosis for you? Usually depression can be a symptom of chronic fatigue, however excessive fatigue can also be a very much physical symptom of depression alone. People with sleep apnea sometimes opt for those surgeries, they feel better for a short while, however the airways still eventually close again and they have cessations in sleep patterns again. You may want to make sure you are breathing properly in your sleep and do a follow up with a specialist if that is the case.. Feeling exhausted from lack of sleep and mood changes like depression can be big indicators of this. Regardless of what is the root cause you can at the same time see through any false beliefs or distorted thoughts you may have, taking away the depression if it is serious which indicates that it's self created and vicious not a by product of other irregularities.


I appreciate the post. Next step is a sleep study. I'm not like suicidal or anything I just feel like I'm drifting through time and space, a lot of melancholy and no ambition to do anything but get through my job, classes and gym. No motivation for entertainment at all.


I've got a busy week, I'm going to research this on Friday when I have off.


That's just called being exhausted lol, you probably aren't getting good quality sleep or possibly if you do have chronic fatigue you don't have any energy left for the rest of the day. Of course these are just small possibilities I have no idea who you are in real life and your situation and all of that. Maybe it's time to dig deeper Into yourself and find out what's really underneath all the comings and goings. Anyways regardless I don't think you need to take Wellbutrin or anything that can have a lot of adverse side effects including sky high levels of anxiety and mania for some. Your energy levels will come back to normal in time you probably just pushed your body too hard doing something before and are feeling the mental and physical effects of being tired and weary... Your body is probably just asking for a break and to slow down.


This is basically what 'dysthymia' is. Effectively low-grade, non-cyclic depression.

But the term is best taken as a description of a set of symptoms. It could be due to low vitamin/mineral levels, it could be related to bad sleep, it could be due to your personal psychology, it could be due to inflammation of the brain (one of the current theories for depression), or something entirely different.

A sleep study is a good start.


I've felt like this since I was a young teenager with nothing going on, it's gotten worse with age and responsibility.


Ahh okay like I said harder to gauge when I don't know full story and all that, in that case you would very much benefit from CBT.. Everything you mentioned is how I felt with various symptoms going through anxiety before, so I thought you may have had some similar stressed induced symptoms, or sleep deprived which is also taxing on the body.

I can promise that you will feel tons better once you fully see through any belief patterns you may have that are in conflict with reality. You definitely deserve to enjoy this life and without conflict and suffering.


I agree, I've got a lot of homework to do now! I appreciate your kind words.


I have my email in my hub, reach out to me if you want some suggestions for literature regarding CBT.