Blood Work Results

Been on trt for 2.5 years now, first Androgel then on Injections last 9 months… 100mg’s Cypionate a week for last 5 weeks before that 200 every 2… Never been on HCG or Armidex Hear are recent Lab work results…

Triglycerides 102
Cholesterol 137
HDL 41
LDL 76
SHBG 16 low as hell
TSH 2.060
25 OH Vitamin D 33 low as hell
Free T4 1.05
Free T 158
Then it has free test again 1.6-2.9 % Mine is 3.0 Please explain this thanks!!
Estradiol Which my Doc said should be done as ultra sensitive to be more accurate for males
The range is 0-39 mine 33
Thanks for input!!!

Hi big orange,


a number of additional details are needed.

first please read through the sticky threads at the top of the forum here.

second please post some additional information per the New Guy sticky thread with reference ranges, symptoms, etc.

third scan through some of the other other recent threads to get an idea of how conversations go around here.

fourth hopefully receive some good advice.

ultrasensitive is not good for me. Quest Sensitive 4021 is what you want ref range like 4 to 54 I think.

D3 is low - 6,000iu D3 daily is a good place to start. some need more.

CHOL is low. ideal is 150 - 200.

TSH is high meaning you really need to test for Free T3, Reverse T3, 8am Cortisol, and ferritin.

Ok thanks, go back to endo next week and he is the best Doc I have found so far thanks to some fella’s on here pointing me in his direction!!! Yeah this lab is AEL…

Also total Test was 535. Monday blood was drawn, the Thursday before is when I pinned…