Blood Work Results

PRNT wrote:
Prolactin 7.4----- 2.5–17.0
LH 2.0 or 1.5----- 0.8–7.6
Free T 4.8-------- 2.5–11.5
Total T 11.77----- 9.0–47.00
DHEA 225---------- 80–560
Estradiol 22
PSA 0.469--------- 0.0–4
FSH 2.5 ---------- Low 0.7----high 11.1
cortisol---------- 16.8 5–25 morning
TSH 1.73---------- 0.3–4.0

I had two diffrent labs do the LH, one came back 2.0 as you see and the other was 1.5. So what do you think

Please edit ranges into the above.

No one has an opinion about my blood work???

[quote]PRNT wrote:
No one has an opinion about my blood work??? [/quote]

You need to repeat some info about your vitals, age, weight, symptoms etc. Context always needed… or a link to prior thread with that info.

Age 37 weight 230 waist 36

My libido is low extremely low. No morning wood for awhile now over 6mths,grumpy, tired,. Went and saw my PCM and finally got a referral to see and Endo and he ran these test just last thursday the 7 May 09. I will see the Endo again 14 May 09.

Your TT/FT levels are low, but not tanked. The levels are consistent with LH/FSH levels. E2 and prolactin do not seem to be be causes of HPTA repression. Pituitary output is lowish. Maybe from damaged [blow to the head] or a growth.

While your T levels are lowish, some do well at those levels. You may have had high levels when younger and your body is adapted to that. By lab numbers alone, many will not treat this. You need a doc who will treat your symptoms, not your lab report.

LH numbers jump around and a specific snapshot does not tell the whole story. I think that FSH has a longer half life, and if that is correct, is a better measure of what is going on.

What time of day was the lab done?

Are your fasting cholesterol numbers low?

Weight and waist suggest possible insulin resistance. Do you have fasting serum glucose results?

Weight and waist also consistent with low thyroid levels. Often TSH does not tell the whole story. Feeling tired and sometimes cold can be part of [sub clinical] hypothyroidism. Hypogonadism and hypothyroidism have many symptoms in common.

Blood pressure up? TRT can also help with that via a few mechanisms.

you are only looking at 30% of the equation. You are also need to examine lifestyle, sleep patterns, nutritional imbalances, enviormental exposures. Most dr’s are no competent when dealing with HRT because they do not properly assess the male from all aspects. One patient I had every thing was in check still feeling like crap so re-examined the thyroid and low and behold that is when we found his issue. Most dr’s think you are either in or out of the range. He was top 80% and look awesome from even my eye. Finally I ran some other test found that he has high reserve t3/total t3 ratio. We adjusted his thyroid and now hes doing 100% better. 3 years of misery are now a thing of the past.

My Doc gave me some testim 25mg ed and HCG 150iu ED…since my levels were not that low then run labs again in 30 days

I would have given 50 mgs clomid for 7 days and then checked on 8 th day to see if there was a change. If there was then androgel is not the best route but rather hcg. Too many Dr’s slap on T gels at low dosages that will not do shit.other then shut down your own production. I would be surprise if your T is lower then when you started. 25 mgs is enough to shut down your own production and you be really only running off of he hcg. I would rather see you do just hcg with out 25 testim and then retest in 3-4 weeks to see if there is an increase in T.

If you would have use clomid test first this would rule that out in what protocol would be appropiate. MOst dr’s have no clue on what the hell they are doing in the first place. In the end you usually end up being a human guinea pig resulting in a hell of a rollercoaster ride for months to come. Been there did that done that. Your dr is trying but has littl clue on how to properly adminster TRT.

KSMan, what be your trade?

You are only shutting down your own production with the testim 25 mgs.
your body is only running off the hcg
Dr should have done the clomid the challenge test to verify primary vs secondary then go from there.
Your doctor is in the right church wrong pughs…Hes doing it ass backwards…Should stabize with HCG or gels not both at same time …there are 2 many variables that you are dealing with. With one thing at a time there is less variables.

I’m glad on the simplest plan out there: 10 g of Androgel. Done. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s not even a plan. I take the damn medicine everyday and visit the doc twice a year. That’s it.

if you are feeling great then you are one of the lucky ones. If you are on androgel usually about after a few years you build up a residue on your skin causing absorption problems. Also if your e2 is incheck and you are testing in the 500-600 after the application in the morning. You can potential add in HCG 250 ius a day just to return you balls to normal size.

Also LH receptors are found through out the body so you will get a better response then you are just androgel. My client/patients I recommend they switch to a compouneded t gel that can be used in smaller amounts with less absorption issue. Its cheaper and alot more cleaner and better absorped. HCG at 250 ius every 3 rd day is just enough to give you back what your own test production was at before TRT.

[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
KSMan, what be your trade?[/quote]

Mostly engineering.

i could direguard the hcg and just do the testim and wait and see what the blood work shows which probably won’t be crap.

[quote]PRNT wrote:
i could direguard the hcg and just do the testim and wait and see what the blood work shows which probably won’t be crap. [/quote]

I would use just hcg at 500 ius every 3rd day to see where your total T and estrodial levels are at in 2-3 weeks then decide from there.