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Blood Work Results, Opinion Request

Hi to all,
(i’m 34)
today i’ve got my blood work results:

Free T: 7.01 pg/ml (this one is the only one the labs marked me as wrong)
Total T: 2.11 ng/ml
LH: 3.41 mUI/ml
FSH: 7.91 mUI/ml
PRL: 6.12 ng/ml (prolactine)
E2: 20 pg/ml (this one is at the lowest “health” value according to the lab)

The other value (aside E2 e FT) are right in the middle between min and max value

Please use the edit function in the lower RH corner of you post and add lab ranges to the above.

Please also add other lab results as well, such as cholesterol numbers, fasting glucose.

When T is low, there is less T to aromatize to E2, and E2 levels can be lower. Nothing to be concerned about.

Increasing T will increase E2.

Note that with your low T and E2, the ratio of the two can make you estrogen dominant.

Do not start other threads with your “CASE”. Please keep returning to this to add updates etc. Please read the stickies and refrain from posting into the stickies. Try to not to hijack the “case” threads of others by injecting your case there.

Need more info:


what other health conditions?
what Rx and OTC meds?
ever used hair loss drugs?
ever used deca? deca only?
when did problem start?
any blows to the head proximate to that?
testes ache? ever? with a fever?

do you react poorly to major stress or conflict?

do you get cold easily?
any adverse effects from your T3 cycle?

any history of steroid use? yes
describe your PCT methods and results.
ever combined training with a starvation diet?

Are you looking to recover you HPTA or do cycles on top of TRT?

Where are you? -Affects your treatment options.