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Blood work results - high estradiol and testosterone

I’ve been taking Testoviron and Sustanon (depending which I can get hold of) for TRT purposes more or less following clinical guidelines not pharma guidelines and I obviously haven’t been doing it right because twice I’ve ended up with a total shut down of my sexual function. Most recently being last week, after 1ml Sustanon and five days previously, 0.5ml Testoviron (enanthate). I got my bloods taken on 19/10/20 and these are the results:

SHGB - 19.65 nmol/L
ESTRADIOL - 41.9 Pg/mL

Also got thyroid stimulating hormone and free thyroxin and they were within normal range.

I’ve discussed this over on the pharma thread but it’s probably more appropriate for this one. I’ve been told by guys there the clinical guidelines aren’t fit for purpose - I get that now - and I got zero help when I paid to see an endocrinologist here in Colombia…he just tried to upsell the services of a bunch of other doctors. So what I’m hoping is someone can help me out with a protocol…like E3.5D…but how much should I put in each shot?

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