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Blood Work Results - 29 Y/O -- Urologist follow up appointment on Friday 4/2

Looking for advice on what to expect from a follow up vist with a Urologist to discuss the following blood work. He says numbers are on the low side and wants to discuss options.

Do these numbers reflect someone who benefit / need TRT?

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
TESTOSTERONE, SERUM 380 348 - 1197 ng/dL

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
FREE TESTOSTERONE(DIRECT) 6.9 9.3 - 26.5 pg/mL

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
LH 2.5 1.7 - 8.6 mIU/mL
FSH 3.0 1.5 - 12.4 mIU/mL

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
ESTRADIOL 9.3 7.6 - 42.6 pg/mL

29 year old male.
No prior hormone supplementation
Responded well to 25mg daily Clomid in terms of numbers. Overall did not experience to much of an improvement in sense of physical well being. Was able to return to daily morning erections.

Here is the blood work for post Clomid:

682.0 Range 300.0 - 1080.0 ng/dL
173.0 Range 47.0 - 244.0 pg/mL

Unfortunetly the first Doc did not check E2 or LH/FSH after the clomid so I don’t those numbers for comparison.

Having ED problems. Doc gave a sample of Cialis. Found that it gave a better erection than I’d experienced in 10 years. Worked a miracle.

Next Doc appointment is on Friday for what kind of options I have.

So far any recommendations on what direction to guide a Urologist (DO)? I’m not sure Clomid is giving the results I would expect. I’m sure they’ll probably offer the typical gels / creams, but seems far more guys have good results from self administered T weekly injections. (No plans for children).

Additional Symptoms:
-Difficulty maintaining muscle mass
-Reduced libido
-Carry fat around mid section
-Gynecomastia from puberty
-General fatigue