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Blood Work Result: Post Cycle, Pre PCT

I received results from my privatemdlabs hormone panel today. These bloods are from 10 days after my last pin of test e. My cycle was 500mg/week, 10 weeks. Took an AI (adex) at 0.5mg EOD, but stopped after the last pin. I’ll be starting nolva & clomid in a few days when I believe all the test e is out of my system. I’ve heard 2 weeks after the last pin is sufficient for long esters, but it seems my T is still on the high end of the spectrum. Will four more days be sufficient?

Testosterone, Serum: 1068 ng/DL Range: 348-1197
Luteinizing Hormone: 0.1 mIU/ml Range: 1.7-8.6
FSH, Serum: 0.3 mIU/ml Range: 1.5-12.4
Estradiol: 51.2 pg/ml Range: 7.6-42.6

Alkaline Phosphatase: 151 IU/L Range: 25-150
Monocytes: 14% Range: 4-13%
Eos: 10% Range: 0-7%

My concern are the bottom three values. Why are my white blood cell counts high? It seems like AP is also very high as well. Am I not taking the proper steps to protect my liver?

Big thanks to everyone who helps out a first time poster, sorry for all the questions