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Blood Work Question


hey all

not been on for a while.....

last year all my joints felt really bad, elbows ,shoulders, knees,ankles etc and backed off of the weights for a good while. In fact stopped working out completely.

I had blood tests in february this year (arthritis is rampant in mums side of family to a very bad degree)
anyways blood tests were done and they all came back zero ,not even a trace of any arthritis at all, The doctor also checked for thyroid ,celiac? and a few other things as I had told her that i always feel tired,

when the results came back i was a bit dissappointed that we couldnt pin point whats up with me,

anyways roll forward to present day, the only aches i have are in my knees ankles and feet, (feet on top and bottom of feet) when i wake it feels like ive walked 300miles bare foot. its hard to explain the pain, its not severe pain but dull pain in knees ankles and feet all the time.And still feeling very tired all the time even when eating very clean foods. I was at the doctors again on tuesday gone, and she said she is not happy and has referred me to the arthritis specialist in town. (because its so rampant in my family she wants to rule it out properly)

Anyone heard of this type of thing before and any ideas what i could suggest to my doc

Ok so last month i reading about low testosterone levels and alot of my symptoms sounded familiar to this, except i have hair,facial hair and my labido is fine. I bought DAA-stin to see could i boost my testosterone

do u think this is a wise choice.?

Also i put all weight back on and lost all muscle fml....but im starting back as of two days ago. :smiley:

any help much appreciated. And im extremely sorry for such a long post i wanted to give as much info as possible



I think you need to be having these conversations with real doctors, not HOOGEGUNZ2000 on some internet forum.


haha yeah i know but i thought maybe someone might have some input i could ask about to my doc :smiley:


For what it’s worth, having body/facial hair is not a good indicator of normal testosterone levels. The only way to really know is to have them measured via blood test. Total T, free T, and bioavailable T should all be looked at.


The type of arthritis that would be assessed through only simple blood testing is RA or rheumatoid arthritis. It’s an autoimmune condition very much related to chronic stress with a small indication of familial susceptibility. However since behavior and trauma can be shared in a family the genetic connection is heavily contested. RA is not joint specific an can present in any joint. The pains you are feeling are associated with weight bearing joints which indicates something entirely different. The pain could be worn cartilage with bone to bone contact or it could be related to capsule inflammation or uric acid deposits.

I experienced symptoms like yours and they cleared up after about a year or so. I think it started up when I quit running regularly. I experienced sharp pain in my tarsal and metatarsal joints upon waking and placing my weight on my feet first thing in the morning. It would last for the first minute or so of walking. It eventually went away but I didn’t treat it and have no idea what caused it to cease.

What is your BMI, history of high impact or endurance sports, injuries etc?


We can offer opinions if you post your lab work with ranges.

The arthritis tests were probably for RA and one can have osteoarthritis and not have anything detected on a blood test. However, it is very odd that you have these symptoms in your feet. The only thing that comes to mind for that is type II diabetes. What are your fasting glucose or A1C numbers? Your symptoms also are non inconsistent with Lyme disease.

Need more info. Don’t even know your age, height, waist weight etc. See the advice for new guys sticky for things of interest.

Also need those thyroid numbers. Doctors are really overlook a lot of thyroid problems. See first paragraph in the advice for new guys sticky. You body temperatures are the best measure of thyroid function.


thanks guys i will try get results of blood test for you to have a look at plus ill get proper testo ones done too.

its like sods law since i posted the pain is gone


I believe some people also experience joint pains during allergic reactions and food sensitivities. Since you’re pain is suddenly gone I’d be more inclined to look at these as possibilities.


sorry for slow response was waiting for test bloodwork to come through

here is all the results i have to date

on writing this i feel a lot better, i dont know whether its to do with having a long break or cos ive finall starting working out again, but feeling much more alert and eating better again, joint pain is minimal except still sore feet every so often, im wondering is it the way i sit (maybe sometimes i sit and have my foot on its side instead of flat on sole,also im gonna get all new running shoes and general every day runners to see if it helps)

heres the pics of test results

thanks for any imput on any of them




pic 3








someofthem were for arthritis checks which came up clear

the others were testosterone think i might have messed up the order sorry




someofthem were for arthritis checks which came up clear

the others were testosterone think i might have messed up the order sorry


Please provide prolactin and T with ranges.

fT4 seems a bit low, should be near middle of the range. But not all lab ranges are comparable. TSH is not high.

"See first paragraph in the advice for new guys sticky. Your body temperatures are the best measure of thyroid function. "

Do you use iodized salt?
Are your body temperatures OK - see the sticky.

Please review: https://www.google.com/search?q=sore+feet+thyroid

Do you get much exposure to sunlight to make vit-D3?

Do you take vitamins that contain:

Fish oil might be helpful as well as other sources of essential fatty acids [EFAs], flax seed oil/meal, nuts

Does your greater family eat an uncommon diet?


sorry was just readiing the new guys sticky as u posted

age 38
height 5’ 9-10
weight 190lb (goal weight 165-170)

most of my fat is belly and possibly chest area

pills i take are
vit D
multivit a-z(a good one)
vit B complex
and have just started taking omega 3 fish oil tab again this week.

i use creatine sometimes in like 4 week spurts,when training so just started back on it

also i have started taking that DAA-stin (google it i dont want to post links in case against rules) but i read about DAA giving man boobs so i might come off that cos thats last thing i want!

the salt i use is maldon sea flakes i read the natural salt is best ?and have been using that for like 1.5yrs no other salt.

families diet is carb meat based and veg, parents are irish so potatoes is mainly inevery meal, bacon,beef chicken etc and always veg. 2 uncles have diabetes.
not sure what else to add there sorry.

checked all pills none have selenium on ingredients.

as for sunlight in summer months july-aug i get out as much as i can but rest of the year is bleak here (rain) so hard to get sunlight which is why i was taking vit d.

prolactin and T with ranges = would i need another blood test for these? all i have is the papers they gave me. or would they have them stored and i could request them?

sorry if i missed anything its a bit confusing :smiley:

thanks for ur help much appreciated.


sorry forgot to add hair
body hair chest and facial hair normal growth i would think, could shave stubble daily if needed.

i will buy a proper thermometer this week ive taken temps before and will read ur sticky thanks again, what is best way/time to do this i want to do it right

just looked at my multivit againit does have selnium and iodine

selenium - 30ug 55%
iodine - 100ug 67% (i put a u there its a strange symbol on bottle)
vit c - 120mg 150%


Your photo cut off the ranges, look at the paper and type results with ranges.

Natural salt? What is un-natural salt. You are not getting any iodine from that salt

multivit a-z lists iodine? If not you are deficient.

You need a constant source of iodine, not-stop for years to not be deficient.

Do you eat a lot of sea food, that can be helpful.

The research shows that dietary intake of iodine by Irish women is significantly less than the level recommended by the World Health Organisation. This is a greater problem in the summer months when available iodine in food sources such as dairy milk is at its lowest level.

Iodised salt is the primary dietary source of iodine and many countries have introduced systems of either voluntary or mandatory universal salt iodisation (USI). Changing the ingredients of salt to include iodine does not increase usage but improves the dietary quality of the consumer purchase.

However, Ireland and the UK are at the bottom of the USI league table with iodised salt making up only 3.3% of all salt sold. This compares poorly with many of our European neighbours, the United States, Asia and even African countries where between 60-90% of households use iodised salt. As a consequence, the availability of iodine in the Irish diet is entirely opportunistic and based on dietary preference for iodine containing foods such as seafoods (shellfish, white deep-water fish) and seaweed kelp.


prolactin 252…units(mu/L)… range53-360

""just looked at my multivit again it does have selenium and iodine

selenium - 30ug 55%
iodine - 100ug 67% (i put a u there its a strange symbol on bottle)
vit c - 120mg 150% “”

i eat tuna and prawns and eating white fish now too. (recently white fish)