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Blood Work (Please Interpret) + AI/Test Advice


I am 41 years old, been lifting now for about 5 years. 4 years ago i was 365lbs, 3 years ago 200lbs (a hell of alot of cardio plus ECA).. Today I sit @ 210 (BF is 22% - so still work to be done there and of course loose skin which sucks but i guess what do you expect - any advice there I appreciate.)

I have been reading alot on the forums lately as I'd like to try an effective AI, Testbooster, even thought of trying something along the lines of Epistane but perhaps im not quite ready for that yet.

I have a strong interest in Erase, Triazole and Titanium xl, Activate Xtreme, Endosurge.. stacked with DAA - just not sure which. I do have 2 cans of Animal Test, and 1 of Animal Stack at home, but had read they were best used when not still trying to eliminate bf.

I was able to get my blood work done last week, and a copy of the results today. Blood was drawn at 8am in a fasted state but the numbers i cannot seem to understand as they are not in the same format as others i have seen posted.

If anyone can help me figure this out Id totally appreciate it. From there I am going to do an 6-8 week stack, and then do them again. I guess what im wondering is if my levels are low, good, high.. not sure...

Here goes:

Testosterone: 22.6 (healthy range 8.4-28.7)
SBHG: 26.7 (healthy range 10-70)
BioAvailable Test: 13.0 (healty range 2-14)

On a side note: I will be posting this under the same ID on a couple of different forums to get as many responses as possible (not spamming).... looking for help with these numbers, as well as AI/Test thoughts, etc.



Well looking at those numbers you have provided I would be inclined to say they look very good. If I compare your values to the majority of people on here they are fantastic. Do you have any symptoms or issues?

Bio Available test at top of range (what more could you want) TT nice value and SHBG also fairly low.

Have you had your thyroid values checked? You don't mention any symptoms or issues so I assume you are feeling good.

As for an AI I would personally not take one unless I knew what my value was to begin with. So you might want to get E2 checked first. But if those values you listed are anything to go by I would say that you probably have E2 under control since SHBG is fairly low and free testosterone is high.

Those other supplements you mention I have no idea what they are sorry. Maybe someone else will have some feedback for you.

When you had these blood tests where you taking any supplements at all?


The only thing i was taking leading up to the blood work was ECA stack and a multivitamen.

I thought I must have low test because i do have some E.D. I was given Cialis for that, but still at times it doesnt seem to work as it does others.

My free T4 (i think that is thryoid is 18 (normal range is 9-23). That number seems good, but I find that hard to believe though because i gain fat easily, and it was my belief that thyroid dictates your metabolism?

The doctor did phone me the day after the test, saying he wanted me to have another bloodtest done though as my muscle enyzmes were a little on the high side in my blood. I think it was this (CK 638 normal range 40-280) But he thinks that is just from daily workouts...

Thanks for your help. Even though I am a new poster, I have been reading on here for some time. In fact Modok turned me on to Big Beyond Belief last year which I am now on my second run of.


You may want to get your thyroid numbers checked.

Also Thyroid Antibodies to rule out autoimmune


Your testosterone numbers look fine.


Your numbers are great for not only your age group, but for anyone really. I'm 21 and my numbers are no where near as good, although I do have hypogonadism and hypothyroidism...


Thanks, I will have the dr add those to my new requisition. Perhaps it is cortisol.

Was T4 - thyroid?


On a side note.. i was not on ECA at the time.. I took the month of December off stims. And started back after getting home from my bloodwork. Although I do not think ECA would have anything to do with that?

ANy concern with the blood enzyme? (CK - through google i find this so even though it can be a muscle disease im thinking it must be the following "People who have greater muscle mass have higher CK levels than those who don?t. Very heavy exercise (such as in weight lifting, contact sports, or long exercise sessions) can also increase CK. "


Total T4 measures total thyroid output, but Free T4 is what is available for conversion to T3. and Free T3 is the active form that your body can actually use.