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Blood Work Overview


Libido is been shitty lately got blood work back. Only thing I really see bad out of whack to cause that is Estro. Getting up is not the problem just having the interest. Even with Test as high as it is I just have no drive.

6 weeks in
1000mg Test
1mg arimidex e3d





Yep, that low of E2 will crush your libido. Does the same for me. High androgen low estro also makes me not give a fuck about anything.

You seem to be an Adex over responder like me. I’d cut your AI dose to a 1/4.


Thanks man I’ll def give that a go. Also I think I’m right there with you on the high andro not giving a shit thing. Literally the past few weeks I don’t give a damn about anything and have been having a hard time getting motivated to do anything inside or out of the gym.