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Blood Work, Opinions


Hi guys, 3 moths ago I started taking HGH from a "source." Around 2.5 months in I started to feel like crap. Loss of energy, weakness, sore joints and practically no libido. At 3 months I stopped. After 1 week I had a peak where I felt great and my libido came back, BUT afterwards I slowly started to go backwards again to the way I felt when I was on the HGH, which I'm starting to realize might not have been HGH.

I now still feel tired,have mental fog and a very weak libido. I went to a Urologist in Westchester County, NY and had blood work done.


FREE T4=1.4


He said I'm fine. I don't feel fine though. He gave me Viagra and said it's probably stress or depression. I told him the whole HGH story and he doesn't seem to really give it any consideration.

I asked him about my Total Test, LH and FSH levels and he said they are normal and that the lower LH/FSH are the better. That sounded odd to me honestly. What's your guys opinion on my blood work?

Should I get a second opinion? Is there any body reputable in NYC or upstate NY?

Thanks guys.


Total test doesn't look too bad, given the labs were done in the afternoon. FSH, LH seem low (but need to know what the ranges are, please post lab ranges). A lot of guys on here would say your Estradiol is too high and should be in the low to mid-20s (in pg/ml, again post ranges and the units).

Post your actual lipid results, don't just say they're fine or perfect. Some guys on here might see something you or your doc ain't seeing.

By the way, why did you start using HGH?


Thanks man.

Okay here the Lab ranges.

FSH=1.71 (.7-11.1)
LH=2.38 (.8-7.6)
Prolactin=6.31 (2.6-24.5)
TSH=2.54 (.40-4.00)
Free T4=1.41 (.8-1.9)
Estradiol=35.4 (.1-56.3)
DHEA-S=333 (80.0-560)
Total Test=488 (212-755)
SHBG=23.9 (7.2-100)
C-Reactive Protein=.513 (<3)
Free Androgen Index=82.86 (19.2-123.2)

Albumin=5.2 (.2-1.6)

Cholesterol Total=138 (<200)
HDL=59 (>40)
Triglycerides=50 (<150)
LDL=64 (0-130)
VLDL=10 (<30)

IGF-1=202.0 (93-250)

I started the HGH because I work construction and I was hoping my joints would feel better and some nagging injuries would heal. I read as much as I could on it and reconstituted in bac water. 2ius a day. I've done it in the past with great success. I think about 3 years ago. I loved it but nevertheless my body is starting to hurt so I wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, I think this time I didn't get HGH in the vial. Lesson learned.


Your cholesterol is pathologically low. At and below 160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Caused by diet? Some guys simply have hypocholesteremia. Eat more eggs and animal fats.

Your E2 is high relative to your T levels - you are estrogen dominant. Need liver AST/ALT to see if that is a cause.

Carefully read the advice for new guys sticky. Need more info about you.

TSH is a concern. Read the thyroid basics sticky and check body temperature and eval history of iodized salt. fT4 does not tell the whole story.

You have some degree of HPTA suppression by E2. Lowering E2 may be all that you need, if you can find the cause.

How long off of the ?HGH? before the labs were done?


age =30
-describe body and facial hair = hair on chest, little on stomach, patch on lower back, very
little on arms, No receding hair line or thining
-describe where you carry fat and how changed =thighs and stomach. Nothing changed
-health conditions, symptoms [history] = None.
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever No.

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets] eggs, peanut butter, tuna, chicken, oatmeal, cereal, milk, rice, bread, pasta, fruits, potatoes, pizza, burgers.

-describe training = calisthenics. that's it.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? No
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed. They're gone.

Okay I'll eat MORE egss I guess? I could use some more red meats in my diet though. I eat cheese and dairy products every day?

I think 5-6 weeks since the last HGH injection.