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Blood Work - Low Test - High Cortisol - Help??


Before testosterone

Glucose: 4.7 (3.6 - 6)
Creatine: 114 (60-110)
egfr: 70 (>70)
Urate: 295 (200-440)
Cholesterol: 3.36
HDL: 1.28 (>1)
LDL: 1.68
Non-hdl: 2.08 (-4.29)
TC/hdl-c ratio: 2.6
B12: 674 (221.-)
Ferritin: 101 (31.-300)
Ck: 461 (<225)
TSH: 2.64 (.35-5.00)
Hemoglobin a1c: 0.049 (0.040-0.064)
Hemoglobin: 138 (135-170)
Hematocrit: 0.41 (0.38-0.49)
Rbc: 4.65 (4.20-5.70)
Rdw: 15.5 (11.5-15.5)
Wbc: 5.5 (4.0-11.0)
Free testosterone: 13.3 (31-94)

Before Testosterone
Glucose:4.8 (3.6-6)
TSH: 3.66 (0.35-5.00)
T4 Free: 13 (12-22)
Free T3: 4.5 (2.6-5.7)
LH: 4 (2-9)
Cortisol: 789 (170-540)
Prolactin: 34 (<18)
FSH: 4 (2-12)
Total Testosterone: 15.5 (7.6-31.4)
ACTH: 23.1 (<-9.99)

Before Testosterone
(Cortisol testing)
Volume 24h: 2350 600-1800
Creatine: 31.8 (8.6-19.4)
Cortisol: 254 (0-193)

On Testosterone (12 weeks)

Glucose: 4.8 (3.6 - 6)
Creatine: 133 (60-110) +19
egfr: 58 (>70) -12
Urate: 295 (200-440) +112
Cholesterol: 3.55 +.19
HDL: .69 (>1) -.49
LDL: 2.44 +76
Non-hdl: 2.76 (-4.29) +.68
TC/hdl-c ratio: 4.5 +1.9
B12: 753 (221.-) +79
Ferritin: 43 (31.-300) -58
Ck: 2215 (<225) +1754
TSH: 1.85 (.35-5.00)
Hemoglobin a1c: 0.054 (0.040-0.064) +0.005
Cortisol: 777 (65-340)
Prolactin: 17 (<18) -16
Hemoglobin: 156 (135-170) +18
Hematocrit: 0.47 (0.38-0.49) +0.06
Rbc: 5.42 (4.20-5.70) +0.77
Rdw: 13.8 (11.5-15.5) -1.7
Wbc: 7.1(4.0-11.0) +1.6

On Test
Glucose: 5 (3.6-6.00)
LH: less then 1 (2-9)
Cortisol: 743 (65-540)
Fsh: less then 1 (2-12)
Total Testosterone: 92.5 (7.5-31.5)
Prolactin: 18 (<18)
ACTH: 9.8 (<-9.99)

My doctors don't know what is going on... A few concerns:
Cortisol is consistently been 770 which is high. (This is what I wanted to find out about)
Prolactin was way high but took nipple piercings out and it is just below the normal line.
Test was on the low side.
ACTH before test was way high (test does effect this) not sure what the type effects maybe you know?
CK: had quadrupled but the type of training has changed from insanity to weight lifting.

I am here to ask if you can tell what is going on with my cortisol??
This is my first cycle been on for 14 weeks I would say so just want to make sure everything is normal for a person on testosterone: like hemacrit/hemaglobin, rbc, anything else I should worry or look at?

I showed the changes in the nov test in comparison with june/july to make it easier to compare.
The reason I started getting test was because i had ZERO libido like none. Which raises concerns. And ended up finding the cortisol/prolactin, so sorta fixed that prolactin but the cortisol i dunno :frowning:

Thanks guys looking forward to your answeres.


Pituitary: TSH, ATCH and prolactin are all high. Suggest that you get screened for a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma. See related comments in the advice for new guys sticky.

As per the above sticky; we need to know a lot more about you. Also describe all health concerns and list all medications, Rx and OTC.

High TSH: While fT3 and fT4 look good, we do not know if enough fT3 is getting inside your cells. Please check body temperatures when you first wake up and in the mid-afternoon. See the thyroid basis sticky. Your TSH could also be from an iodine deficiency which can be caused by not using iodized salt continuously for a long time.

":resulting in decreased levels of GnRH release"

If your high cortisol is a result of stress or stress events, you are at risk of adrenal burn-out.

TSH improved a lot [was rather low]. Keep checking to see where this goes. Do you have any digestive issues or fool allergies or sensitivities?


I did see a urologist who sent me to see an endrocronligist. They had me do an MRI for a pituitary tumour which came back negative but go back February to see him.
I currently take no medication except testosterone e at 500 mg

Yeah the tsh was weird it was 2.64 in June, July it was 3.66, now it is down to 1.85 Dec.
I took 6 months to bulk where I ate lots of fast food in there like wendys chicken snack wraps and bacon cheese burgers.
Also walmart frozen chicken which is high sodium. So it could be that I was not getting enough iodine, as I tend to avoid salt if the item doesnt already have it. I did read that sticky earlier this month it was a good read, as I was looking at cytomel for cutting but to scared to fuck around with that. Didnt even think to think i was low on iodine.

My current diet is:
600g chicken breast skinless
300g banana
1tbsp peanut butter
6 whole eggs
4 egg whites
5 scoops of protein
100g almonds

And the way I eat before bulking is similar so i assume not to much salt is in that. As i dont add any. Only thing i drink is diet cranberry juice and water.

So going from this post I guess to try and make some changes,
introduce iodized salt. We crossed off a tumor as their concern was also crushing disease, i took out my nip peircings which dropped it from 34 to 17:18 which is still in the high range but maybe the damage done needs time to heal or I dunno.
I feel anxious all the time, i do store fat on my lower back stomach and face, thats it.
I don’t have allergies but cortisol hasnt changed at all so that is my biggest concern.
The adrenal fatigue sounds like it could be me anxious all the time no libido i sleep forever 9-12 hours the more I can sleep the better dont want to get up and cant take coffee because it makes me anxious (same happens with preworkouts)

The only thing i seem to read tho is to fox adrenal fatigue is diet and exercise which I do regularly.


Sometimes over-training is a major stress factor. Are you big on stimulants and/or caffeine?

In the advice for new guys sticky and thyroid basics sticky, find references to:

  • cortisol
  • stress, infections, accidents, surgeries, inflammation
  • adrenal fatigue
  • Wilson’s book

Also do labs for DHEA-S next time to see if that adrenal hormone is OK.


No coffee, no energy drinks, no preworkout or supps. Nothing like that.

Yeah, I will ask to get dhea-s tested for sure never heard of it before.
Also will double check those stickies.


DHEA is released in pulses, so lab work can catch highs or low and is thus not very useful. DHEA-S [sulphate] levels are quite steady, so DHEA-S is the best lab to evaluate DHEA status. If DHEA-S is low, that indicates an adrenal issue. In the adrenals, pregnenolone–>DHEA


Okay, dope.
Going to get a 24h for cortisoll done again.
Also, ask to get that dhea-s … Surprised they didn’t get that tested seems pretty important.
Was excited to see acth


Did you fix your libido?

Did you ever take finasteride? Dutasteride or saw palmetto?