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Blood Work - How to Optimize for Muscle Gain?

This is my recent blood work and I want to know how to use it to maximize my muscle gain (or if it shows any issues that might hinder my muscle gain)

TSH 2.25 range (0.25-2.5)
FT3 4.16 range (4-8.3)
FT4 16.5 range (9-20)
IgG Anti TPO <0.4 range (0-0.9)
Prolactin 26.05 range (3.4-24.1)
Oestradiol 75 range (37-650)
Progesteron 2.53 range (0-5)
Testosterone 1.04 range (0.69-2.78)
FSH 6.2 (3.3-11.3)
LH 12.6 range (1…9-12.5)

I noticed I was at optimal level of energy and gym performance, when my testosterone was 2.5 & Oestradiol was 325 & TSH was 0.25 (three years ago and one year after my first attempt to bulk) but around that time I was only working out harder in the gym and sleeping longer than usual (11 hours per day).

You were ???-cycle or ovulating for these labs?
Numbers change a lot from week to week.
Docs like to eval hormones day 17-18

TSH=2.25 is way too high, should be nearer to 1.0
fT3 is way below midrange, lower energy and body temperatures expected
Are you iodine deficient from not using iodized salt?
Please see references to oral body temps in the thyroid basics sticky.
fT3 affects ATP production and energy levels affecting training and results.
Low thyroid function affects energy in your muscles and vitality of every hormone system and organ in your body. Do not consider this a side issue, you have many aspects of your life to optimize.

I feel like you have posted this before…
When you create multiple threads the results are not as good as a coherent thread that does not have dead end info.

Sorry here is previous thread. However since then my free T has went from 0.23 to 2 then back to 1.04, so I thought to start a new thread after I got the recent blood work to see about other hormones too.

I looked for the sticky thread on temperature and thyroid but I couldn’t find any reference to it. Other thyroid stickies, I have gone through some of them.

I want to explain my history a little bit more. There is no test for iodine where I am but my vitamin D, zinc & magnesium have deficiencies. I have some iodine solution that I sometimes paint my skin with for few days when I become moody & unstable in energy, as support only.

Five years ago, I used Kelp for three months, my TSH dropped from 2.2 to 0.5 then it maintained the range of 0.9-1.5 for few years (around the mid range). Now after around five years, it went back up to 2.2 but I do not want to use Kelp again. I think there might be better alternatives.

Above blood work was on 20 or 21 days, my blood pressure was constantly falling to 90/50 which needed some IV injections intervention (4-5 times). I was told to use extra table salt in my food for few months, so I did until my blood pressure went back to normal. I still use table salt in my food but body temperature is 36.7 in morning & my energy level is somehow low. So I might consider supplementation. However , I want to use DHEA this time since I read it support both adrenal and that most low DHEA have hypothyroid.

I mention in my previous thread, I read Dr. Rind research on Optimal Thyroid but I do not know how to use it, it is too complicated.

Just a recap: my main symptoms is low energy and poor gym performance, no low temperature at all. What supplement could benefit alleviate my symptoms? I recently recovered from bipolar depression.