Blood Work. High SGBH

Having no confidence in my endocrinologist. she only just started practicing
Im a 35 year old male ex miltary. I put my body through hell the last 3 years
to much stress and not enough sleep . trying to get my health back now im out . I dont want TRT . my doctor doesnt think my hormones are that bad and just went check for disease eg liver to much iron and hep c,b . these all came back negative and now she trying to palm me off . tryied a function Medicaice doc ,to they just tried to sell me a lot of supps . I like to know who I should approach and whats going on . alot of doctors tend to need to lead to the water now adays.

has any one experinced this before ? should I try another endocrinologist ?

Total t 900
free t 0.9
free t serum 84
sbgh 111
estradol 20.2
dhea 183
lh 3.0
fsh 2.6

Thanks for your replies

Do you have ranges with those labs, and it’s 111 not 11.1 on the shbg ?

my levels
Total t 900 ranges 250 -1100
free t 0.9 46 -224
free t serum 84 110 - 575
sbgh 111 10- 50 this is really high as I under stand it
estradol 20.2 0-39
dhea 183 104 to 446
lh 3.0 1.5 -9.3
fsh 2.6 0.9- 11.9

yes it 111 for shgb

What kind of symptoms are you having ?
Tired ? no libido, ED ?
What’s you Ht, wgt, do you exercise ? What’s your Diet like ?
Use any drugs (otc, recreational, supps, rx’d ssri, pain killers ect) ?
Use alcohol ?

Hi SHBG is giving you very little free T.
Your body is trying to overcome this by increasing total T.

Many times high shbg is related to liver clearance and thyroid issues.
Have you had a thyroid panel ?
Do you labs for liver (AST, ALT) ?

low libido
dont have ED

no drugs
no Alcohol for 1 year . I used to drink , mainly a weekend drinker.
dont enjoy drinking anymore

Thyroid ok 1.42.35-.94
iron level ok
ferrin ok

metabolic panel came back normal

I am trying to find men with this common issue of high SHBG and low free T. It seems there are not many solutions for us if our e2 is in check and other hormones are normal. I hope you get this message.

Have you looked into your growth hormone levels? In some men low GH will cause high shbg. Many things can cause this problem such as head trauma or adenomas

Please reply to this thread.

If I do not reply please add me here Redirecting... we need to work together on this issue as you know it is causing us to feel like crap.

I have this issue too. I’m waiting on my latest blood tests to see if any improvements. So far, from googling, I’ve found that supplementing with Boron (Fruite-Xb / calcium fructoborate), magnesium, zinc helps (in order of highest effect to least) and reducing dairy intake. I haven’t yet tried these supplements as I’m waiting to see what blood test says.

Hi how high is your shbg and what do you feel? What are you symptoms?

Honestly i have tried all the supplimnets I think they will not help if you are already eating a very healthy diet.

When did your problems start?

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