Blood Work Help

Well, this is my first post. I’ve lurked the sight for two years know; check almost daily for new articles. And have found the forums to be a great source of information. Anyways I need help from this sites knowledgeable user base and that is why I find myself posting.

Long story short I screwed up. First of all, I’m 20 years old (yes, I know…) Last summer I took a four week cycle of 500mcg oral tren (methyltrienelone)ED followed by a PCT of 6 weeks of clomid. A couple of weeks after the end of the PCT I began to develop gyno. After about a month I was able to get some Letro. I dosed this at 2.5 mg ED for about two months. I had and still have a small lump about 6cm across in each nipple. My bodyfat is low and my abs are quite visible; according to those electronic pulse BF things I am at 9 percent, but I’d say its atleast 12. After that I lowered the dose for a month then added in nolva to prevent estrogen rebound as I tapered off.

Aftering being off the nolva for just over a month I was able to get bloodwork done. This leaves me to where I am now. After getting a copy of the bloodwork I had done, which my doctor says is normal, I noticed that things are in a bit of array. Especially given that I have the testosterone levels of a 75 year old man. So I was hoping for advice on where to go from here and what my bloodwork actually says.

The results are as follows
TSH 1.73
TEST 447
LH 2.7