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blood work [free testosterone,total

hey rainbow,
since i have not taken any gear in about a year and a half, i had my total testosterone tested a few months ago: low end of normal.
My uroligist gave me a script for another blood test; free testosterone & total testosterone.
I havn’t taken the blood test yet, and i am going to wait at least another 3-4 weeks before i start the “equi cycle”.
I read “your doctor your dealer” but i still had some questions:
1.besides total & free testosterone blood tests what else should the dr. look at?
2.should i ask for estrogen levels to be tested?
3.Is there a test for L.H. levels ?[should i have that tested?]
4.are there any pointers you could give me to help my test results come back below normal?
My insurance is pretty decent about paying for lab work, like i said i read the article "your dr. your dealer but I was still a little confused.
hard trainer