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Blood Work Feedback

I just received my latest bloodwork.
Curious on your thoughts.

On TRT for almost 2 years. First year felt great- last year not quite as good. Still much better than “pre-TRT”.

Last regimen was 1 ml week/ and I was breaking that into doing 1/2 ml 2x week. With 1/2 anastazole a week.

Cholesterol jumped up, as well as HGB and Hematocrit.
Previous results:
HGB 17.7. Hematorit. 51.5. Cholesterol 215

So we downed the test to .85 weekly- broken into 2x week.
Also have been doing 1 MG anastrazole weekly to bring down estradiol.

Also told to donate blood- which I did- about 45 - 60 days before this test.

Estradiol dropped too low. Assuming I should go back to 1/2mg weekly or 3/4.

Not sure why trigylcerides jumped so high- Any thoughts on Free T? Any other things jump out from this bloodwork? Anything to worry about that I’m not seeing?

Thanks all.

Below will list 7 mos ago to now.
7 mos. current
SHBG. 21. 18
Test. 1021/. 752
Test Free. 247.3/ 189
T Perc Free. 2.4/ 2.5
Test bioavailable. 741/ 545

Cholesterol Total. 215/ 184
Trigylceride. 172/ 389**
HDL Chol. 33/ 25
CHOL/HDL. 6.5/ 7.4
LDL. 148/ 81
Creatinine. 1.10/ 1.20**
WBC. 8.44/ 8.34
RBC. 5.86/5.77
**HGB. 17.7/. 17.0
**Hematocrit. 51.5/ 50.1
***Estradiol. 51.64/14.9%
MCV. 87.9/ 86.8%

You have some room to lower your dosage and maybe cut out the AI, Free T is very high and it will convert excess to estrogen. You may be better served injecting smaller doses of T EOD, this will lower estrogen and you may even feel better.

So what is happening is excess Free T is causing excess estrogen then forcing you to take anastrozole which on it’s own can take away benefits of TRT and even cause you to feel unwell. I felt like death on any anastrozole dosage, excess estrogen is the hormone that can make you feel unwell on TRT, physically and mentally.

Your goal should be to decrease estrogen.

Ummm, right. Not sure what systemlord is on these days. So, your E2 is 14.9? No ranges, but that is certainly low. Too low I would venture to say, but no ranges given. What sides do you have with the higher E2? The only reason to worry about it at that higher number is sides, otherwise I would just run with it. As far as free T raising E2, I would postulate that a reference would be tougher to find than a virgin in a whorehouse.

I read it as 51.64, that’s on the higher end no? It would help if the results and ranges were more clear, usually we have the result in front of the ranges.

I think he’s saying that it was 51 on the older labs, 14.9 on the newest labs with the higher AI dose.

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Sorry for the confusion.

Yes- Estradiol was 51- now down to 14.96.
Doc says he targets 30-60- so definitely low.
This was taking 1 MG Anatrazole weekly. The 51 was at 1/2 weekly.

Side effects are irratibility- some fatigue.

Any thoughts on pushing the triglycerides down?

I noticed you didn’t post any thyroid labs including TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3. Be careful trusting your doctor on normal status, often normal is blurry and thyroid problems occur long before most doctors take action.

Normally we see high triglycerides in people with low thyroid hormones, optimal Free T3 levels sets the tone for increases in metabolism, so if you have a low metabolism, we would see high triglycerides and that could mean low Free T3 or normal Free T3 and high Reverse T3.

The results would be the same, low metabolism and TRT will be less effective.

Co-Q-10, sunflower lecithin maybe.