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Blood Work, Estradiol



I'm on TRT and take a Nebido injection every 6-8 weeks.

I'm concerned with my increasing E2 levels. At this level should I consider an AI and if so any recommendations on initial dose?

My bloods are latest first, I'm from the UK but have shown the lab reference range. The bloods are taken on the day of the injection, i.e. at the end of a 6-8 week cycle so will show the lowest T level during the cycle.

T = 23.1 [9-30] pmol/L
E2 = 144 [40-160] pmol/L
SHBG = 22 [18-50]

and previously

T = 18.5, 20.4, 14.6, 14, 12.4, 7.6
E = 145 , 81 , 62 , 58, 58, 74

My earlier E2 levels were between 60-80 and are now around 140.
My T levels are building from an initial 7.6 to 23.1 (during the cycle it will likely be closer to 40.

Many thanks


Are you having any high estradiol symptoms?


Read the stickies bud. Looks like a pattern of aromatase.

Advice for new guys

Protocol for injections

E2 why it matters.

A lot to be learned and a lot of your questions will be answered if you read.

Ksman recommends 1.0 mg arimidex per week broken up in divided doses. I see a lot of over responders but it does work well for many also.


Many thanks.

I read the stickies prior to starting TRT but will reread as the information will now be more relevant.

I'm not sure what all the high E2 symptoms are but I think I'm holding some water, definitely my nipples are sensitive/sore - this isn't a constant, it seems to come and go. A couple of days ago my wife commented that my nipples were puffy.



Are you in canada? Those look like Canadian labs?



No, I'm from the UK.

My latest T result of 23.1 converts to 666 US (ng/dL). This is at the end of the cycle my T at week2 in the last cycle was 1038ng/dL.

My E2 of 144 converts to US measurements to be 40 pg/ml.

The reference range for E2 for my lab is 40-160 and I've gone from 58 to 144, so from a low to high reading.



So ur e2 is not an ultra sensitive test?

Apparently in canada it's ok for a man to have zero estrogen. I called the labs and ask why there wasn't a low on the e2 and why they didn't have an ultra sensitive test for men and the lab doc/tec had no idea what I was talking about. I asked her to look at the American labs. So she looks and tells me if I want ranges I'd have to do a study with at least 100 people... LOL


No, it's the standard Estradiol one. I'm not sure the ultra sensitive is offered in the UK!



So with my T now ranging between 670 and 1050 within the cycle and with E2 risen to 40 from an original 18 do you think I'd benefit from an AI?

Should I start at the recommended 1mg split over the week?

Is there anything obvious other than bloods that I can use to measure if it's working? I've got some generic Arimidex from India.