Blood Work: E2 Levels 233? How?

I’m 23 on first cycle 8 weeks into 500mg a week of testE, Just got my bloods back and my e2 shows 233, how can that be so high? I don’t have gyno or any gyno symptoms, and I’m taking arimidex at .5 EOD, does anyone know the reason behind this? I’m also having hcg at 100iu ED what the doctor recommended…

Why don’t you ask your doctor?

maybe your ai is shit

^ this…but maybe do a retest…sounds pretty off the chart. Have you been singing showtunes or crying during movies? Thats usually a tell tale sign e2 is off.

Without ranges, that number means fuck all. Post with lab range. I’ve seen the ranges for e2 go up to 150. Most likely that’s your case which is still high but def not within 7-42 range.

the AI could be bad, but most likely, it’s the effect the HCG has on your body. normally, one of the places you aromatize estrogen is the testes. but on cycle, they essentially shut down, which means the aromatization also slows down. however, the HCG is keeping your testes active, which means you might need to run a higher dose of armidex if the estrogen starts causing problems.

with that being said, if you feel okay, then the ratio between your testosterone and estrogen also matters, because if there’s a broad disparity between the 2, guys usually start feeling like crap.