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Blood Work - E2 is Way Off


Cycle History-none

I went in to get blood work done because I suspected low T (self-diagnosed, I know...) Here are the results:

T Total - 478 ng/dL
Free T - 111 pg/mL (2.34%)
FSH - 3.1 mIU/mL
LH - 6.9 mIU/mL
Estradiol - 39 pg/mL *********

I should have known... Had slight gyno from an early age. I have puffy nipples and store fat all around my chest and hips. The only thing that I'm taking which might affect T or E is ZMA.

Scheduling an appt with an endocrinologist. What should I do or say? E2 of 39 is within their "normal" range...

I can truly say that my training and diet have been in check (TMuscle standards) for the past ~3 years yet have had minimal gains. Is E the culprit? Thanks gents.


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Thanks. It seems high when everyone is talking about their E in the 20s while ON and I'm double that naturally. If I had access to Aromasin, what type of protocol would you recommend. Thanks.


i would check in with KSman in the over 35 forum...e2 at 39 while considered high normal can certainly be problematic and severely for some


Do not bother with Aromasin! Use adex. Try 1mg/week in divided doses, EOD works well. Test E2 in a month and then adjust adex dose to get close to serum E2=22pg/ml.

new dose = old dose * new-E2 / 22pg/ml


Thanks KSman. Without getting too technical, any reason that Adex would be better than Aromasin? Appreciate the chiming in. I ask, because I already have Aromasin.