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Blood Work Done, Appt w/ Clinic

Hello from a newbie. Turning 42 soon and have been back in the gym and on a strict diet for the past 6 months. Had not been feeling “myself” for 12 months or so and decided to get back to a fitness/diet routine. Although never a serious bodybuilder, gains came fairly easy when I put in the effort until the past 6 months.

Research led me to this site and others like it, which then led me to research TRT. I sent information to a South Fla. clinic, had my first call and blood drawn a few days ago. Have my first appointment with their Doc tomorrow.

I have no idea going in what the test results will show. Reading up on the main symptoms of Low T, I can check off 85% of them.

Now to my question with hopes of getting some advice.

If my T test comes back in the so called “normal” range will my symptoms help guide a prescription for TRT?

I know something is off…mood, lethargy, etc. I can look in the mirror and tell that the gains I used to get are not there…not even a little bit. My diet is the best i have ever had in my life and my workouts are documented and focused on hypertrophy (again based on research/advice found on a variety of sites).

Second question. Due to the fact that this is not a GP or typical Endo will they be more open to therapy, even if I fall in this “normal” range?

Last question. Based on experience anyone might have, what should I say, proceed once I am there beyond stating the symptoms i am experiencing.

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.