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Blood Work Curious


So I got blood work done 2 weeks into my cycle of Test Prop/Mast/dbol, 100mg Test Prop and 100mg Mast EOD and 50dbol. I'm also on clen.

Everything seems on point however I am curious as to why my AST levels are not elevated AT ALL it has me questioning the legitimacy of my dbol. I did not take any dbol the day of the test which was at 12pm and my last dose of dbol was at 11pm day before.

My E is a little high, I stopped taking AI like 3 injections ago just to see how I felt, dumb I know. I'll hop back on AI .25 EOD.



Any other insights into my blood work so far that would be great. I got my Blood pressure checked and it was 130/64, so thats good too. I was on clen but no dbol when the blood pressure was checked.




Everything looks pretty good besides perhaps you could control your sodium and calcium a little bit better. If you calcium gets any higher you are going to run risks involving calcium deposits.


HOw I do go about controlling my calcium levels?


Consume less calcium, get adequate vitamin D intake. More importantly, atleast a gallon of water daily for your kidneys and intestines sake. Fiber can't hurt. I will note that if you had calcium right before the blood test that could have influenced the numbers. Its something i really have to watch. Because if I don't watch calcium/protein, i start to get blood in my urine. Your albumin level is fine, so thats good.