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Blood Work, Considering Going on TRT

Im new here. anyways Just wanted to say i messed myself up doing a cycle of test cyp basicly my libido shut down and i couldnt get it back to normal so i came off and did a proper pct. and been off of steroids completely for a year and a half hoping i would get back to normal and i still have extremely low libido and a hard time recovering from workouts and alot of dry skin. considering trt i went to my doctor and got my blood tests. my free test came in at.

Free Testorone result 55.9 reference range 15.6-146.0 pmol/l

also more tests were done.

Please post all labs with ranges.
There is more than T to consider.


Do you get cold easy now?
Outer eyebrows sparse?
Do not use iodized salt - timeline?
Dry skin - YES

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