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Blood Work Came Back and Sucks

So the past year has been crap. Injuries left and right. Struggled to get lean. REally frustrated. So I gave in and went to the doctoer.

Cholesterol 208
HDL 40
LDL 148

Progesterone 0.3

TSH 3.90 - was almost out of range. doc didnt mention this one either.

RBC 4.47 - doc didnt mention this one so I guess shes not worried

Free S 7.6
Total S 191

Also she said my thyroid levels were borderline low.

Everything else was fine (insulin, cortisol, estrone, etc.)

I was placed on Armour Thyroid and Transdermal cream consisting of 10mg of test and 10mg of progesterone.

Also got a script for some physical therapy for my shoulder.

I am only 31 and feel way to young to be in this position.

Do you guys think I will have to stay on this stuff forever?

She never mentioned trying to use clomid, hcg, or any other drug/suppelment to get my natural levels back up.

I asked her if I would have to take this forever and she said we will see how you respond.

Should I run some hcg, clomid, or Tribulus Terrestris

My whole goal now is to get back to a lean or semilean state and feel good.

I am skinny fat, weak, tired, and injured. Just want to feel good again!

Injuries I have had a strain or tear in the levator scapula which has plagued me all year, tendonitis or a possible tear in my forearm, bicep tendonitis, trigger points and pain in the scapula region, and finally 2 strains in my lower back. Hell half these injuries I was not even working out and acquired them!

Anyways I will keep you all up to date and if anyone has personal experiences like the one I shared I would love to hear your feedback.

from reading you are obviously not 35 but i would suggest speaking to KSman in the over 35 forum. Your first step is to find a new doctor, that much is for certain.

I guess I should post over in that forum. Thanks for the recommendation.