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Blood Work Back - 90 Days In

I started transdermal (compounded creme) in November, my starting stats:
Age 53 6’7" 217 Doc primarily “Life Extension” his standard Bloodwork

Total Cholesterol 167 101/54 PSA .6 Test Total 528 IGF-1 209 ng/dL
DHEA 175 mcg/dL Free T3 3.0 pg/ml Free T4 0.7 ng/dl

Jan '08 218 #'s Total Chol. 184 125/51 PSA .6 Test Total 680 IGF 159
DHEA 175 Estradiol 37 pg/mL

I don’t understand why he wouldn’t order the Estradiol for a baseline, I will ask him tomorrow on my first return visit. Didn’t understand the importance back then. Day to day I don’t feel much different, or have a different outlook.

I have definitely had the tapering off of TRT benefits (after first few weeks), including return of “malaise”, lack of libido, loss of sensitivity in erect penis. These were pointed out by KSMan in one of his posts (which are great reads).
The alarm bells rang when I lost my erection while with my wife, an extreme occurrence! Went on these Forums in a hurry after that.

Tomorrow I see the Life Extension Doc, who is an MD but on the fringe (chelation therapy and LE are his specialties). He likes getting his patients on HGH. I told him I wanted to start at the most basic level, so Test alone. He will want me to start HGH now, he sells the product direct to his patients.

I will want him to start me on an AI and HcG, based on my readings. Don’t know how he will respond, but he seems pretty compliant. So,

What are the dosage rates to begin aromatase inhibitors given bodyweight and existing E levels, KSman suggested 1 mg. / wk. Any experience with this?

KSman suggests 250iu HCG SC EOD. Any experience with this dosage level?

My doc did not order Estradiol to start. On the retest he did order the Estradiol, but I notice he did not order Free T3 or Free T4. Is this cause for concern?

I note an increase in LDL, and Total Cholesterol. I’ve been taking Red Yeast Rice to control (natural statin). I got a little infrequent, partly because I assumed the TRT would lower Total Cholesterol, based on my forum readings. It didn’t. I did not change diet. What gives?