Blood Work- Any experts please advise

I got a few tests done at my hmo I couldn’t get everything because the doc wouldn’t go for it. I opted for blood work because I noticed a decreased sex drive after being on a low carb diet for 2 months. now I still can’t regain it Here are my results:

Testosterone 450 reference range 230-700

Thyroid stim horm 0.81 ref 0.35-6.0 uiuml writing not clear on ml

Androgen (sex horm binding Globulin) 30.6
reference range 13-71 nmoll

Growth Hormone 0.1ngml (no ref range est)

IGF 1 11 ng-ml ref range 10-150 ngml

IGF 2 301 ngml ref 215-518

IGF 3 2.8 ugml ref 1.2-6.0

Im obviously at the bottom of every test. I would also assume my cortisol levels are high. Could this be why I can’t drop any body fat no matter how hard I diet and exercise.
I am currently 5’8" 211 lbs 13.5%bodyfat 23yrs old. With a sex drive like a grandpa. PS roids are not an option.