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Blood Work and Estrogen Levels


Need help with my blood work. I’m new to all the details. I’ve learned a lot with other posts but wanted to know your opinions on my tests specifically. I’ve been on trt for about 4 years. 35 years old. I am in good overall health. Workout sevrsl days a week and train in mma 4 days a week too.

My T results are good but recently I started having side effects. Almost like my T levels were low but I was wondering with a my estrogen levels being high could this be the reason for it. Any help or opinions is greatly appreciated. Also low T levels are apparently hereditary. My father and twin brother have the same issues. My twin has major issues with T conversion into E2.




You tested total estrogens which is not useful for TRT purposes. Please get the following labs:





Yea I thought so. Was hoping someone could make since of it. Doc is very nice just not very knowledgeable. When I told him one shot a month of cyp 200 wasn’t working he upped my prescription too cyp 400 but wanted to do it in a single shot. No thank you. Levels through the roof for a few days and then bottom floor. I’m dividing it with much better results. It is amazing to me how few docs really are educated in this. Thanks for the info. I’ll go back and see what I can get done.


For TRT, i’ve found that the doctors who are most successful listen to their patients. My doc isn’t the most knowledgable but still better than 99.9% of urologists. The main quality is that he doesn’t want to know numbers, he wants to know and treat symptoms. I read the stuff people go through with their doctors and i’m so disheartened. I mean i can’t imagine paying 300-400$ out of pocket to visit a doctor for him to not listen to me and tell me what i feel. Hey, i am paying for your services for you to listen to my problems and treat me, not for you to tell me that 300 is normal and send me home and imply its in my head.


If you haven’t ever been tested, I’d add prolactin to that prior list to rule out a pituitary growth.


Totally agree. I will never go back to being that again. I will do whatever is necessary. Ok thanks I’ll add that to the list. I’ve got an appt next week. Sad thing is the doc that has been working with me and trying to help is now leaving. So now I’m back to dealing with finding one that will listen. He’s the first one I’ve been to that I could tell genuinely listened and is trying to help. He didn’t even test me T levels. Just said lets try this and together I’m sure we can figure it out. Its like you go in to talk to them and they just immediately get defensive. You’re too young or you’re in good shape and blah blah blah. I’m not trying to be a body builder I just want to feel normal


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You need to self inject:
50mg twice a week
many need 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections
250iu hCG SC EOD will preserve the testes