Blood Work and Dr RX

Hey Guys I have my blood work back.
I am 32 never done AAS havent been on any supps besides protein for the last 2 years.

Test serum 664 (348-1197)
% Free Test 2.15 (1.50-4.20)
Estradiol 21.2 (7.6-42.6)
Total Estrogens 76 (40-115)
Test 737 (350-1200)
SHBG 56.96 (10-80)
Test Free Index 116 (150-350)

So the Doc said he would like to get my Free test up since its low and bring my estrogen down a little bit.

His RX was HCG 500IU ED and Letrozol 1000mg EOD.

I would like some of your opinions. I also do not think this is a long term solution so my main questions is when I come off this would there be a big rebound because I am sure you can not just stop this once you start it? Some of you hormonal experts if you think this is a good protocol then I am down to start it, just dont want this to screw things up long term.

I am also looking for some suggestions if you think there may be some other options since my levels arent really bad. Maybe some supplements on the market you guys would suggest.

Thanks guys