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Blood Work Analysis


6'3" 248 lbs 20-25% body fat 29 years old lifting for 12+ years.

I did my first cycle of 500mg/wk test e for 12 weeks, and just started my 6th week of cruising at 250mg/wk test e. I inject 2x per week, and I got my blood work done right before my monday injection, so test levels were at their absolute lowest. I take accutane 20mg/day 2-3 days per week. I drink on the weekends.

I started with arimidex .5mg ed but quickly got low estrogen sides including joint stiffness and limp dick. I stopped and felt fine. I think I might be an overresponder. I switched to 6.25 mg aromasin ED which seemed to have everything in line. I haven't taken any AI or SERM on cruise.

I did the female hormone panel. Here are the out of range results:
RDW 15.8 12.3-15.4%
Creatinine, Serum 1.29 .76-1.27 mg/dL
Estradiol 95.5 7.6-42.6 pg/mL

So obviously estrogen is totally fucked. I have had pretty bad fatigue the last few days but felt much better after monday's injection. Still I've been sleeping a lot. Blood pressure was slightly high but nothing to worry about.

So my question is based on your experience what dose of AI should I run on cruise? I will obviously test with blood work so I'll know when I'm in the optimal range but I want to do as little trial and error as possible. I was thinking 12.5mg 2x per week every time I inject.

I had planned on running 750mg/wk test e starting next week for my second cycle. Should I keep cruising until I get my estrogen in check and know how much AI to use when cruising, or just start the cycle because it's gonna change everything anyway? And then based on blood work on cycle I can estimate better how much AI I need when cruising?

I used UGL for my cycle but human grade for cruise which I'm going to keep using, and based on blood work it looks very accurately dosed.

Thanks for reading and any advice.


are you having any gyno sides? That's really you're call man, if it's worth the risk of potentially getting some unwanted estro sides. If you up your ai to an appropriate dose i think you should be fine. I would lean more towards the heavier dose side for a little while. If i had to choose, I'd rather have somewhat low estrogen temporarily than high estrogen and developing some gyno.


well, i'd get the E2 under control. you don't want to bottom out, but it's obviously not good to have estrogen that high... i'd try to get in in the middle of the normal range for at least a couple weeks while you're cruising.

i don't know if you ever plan on coming off or doing a PCT, but you need to tighten up estrogen in those circumstances as well, as estrogen is horribly suppressive to the HPTA.


I haven't had any gyno but still I don't want estrogen so high. It's been causing ridiculous fatigue and lethargy. I don't think it's been this high for long so gyno might develop if kept unchecked.

I'm on for life except if/when I want to have kids. I know I need to get it under control I'm just trying to figure out dosages. There's a lot of conflicting information about how much aromasin and other AIs reduce estrogen. I know blood work is the final arbiter but I don't want to have to get it done 7 times before I figure out what keeps me in range.

I took 37.5 mg of aromasin last night, I'm gonna take 25mg today and then 12.5mg ED and continue that for my cycle which starts Monday. I think my best indicator is waking up with morning wood. There was a sweet spot for a few days after switch from adex to asin when I felt great and had morning woods and a good sex drive. I think I went from low to good to too high. Shit is hard to balance especially when throwing in orals like dbol.


^ya know, i think pretty much all the AI's and SERM's are gonna cause drowsiness. i had it noticeably from Aromasin when i ran it solo to take care of some gyno, and when i took it at night, it went away. something to think about....


Yeah I always take them at night for that reason, but I haven't taken any in over 5 weeks until I got my BW results. So that couldn't have been causing it. I think it was high estrogen or maybe too low of a t/e ratio. I had just been taking 250mg test e EW no AI or SERMS. It's higher than TRT but I'd figure this would be a more common problem that they would know about or at least BnCers would. Mr. Walkway was around he seems to know his shit, but he didn't comment =[

I know everyone is different but it'd be nice to have some data on how much aromasin reduces estrogen so I can calculate and go from there rather than guessing in the dark. There's a lot of false and conflicting information floating around the web which makes it that much more frustrating. I guess I'm gonna just have to do good ole fashion trial and error. Hopefully I won't be spending hundreds of dollars on BW to figure it out lol

cycobushmaster you are always posting good links do you know any sources for trustworthy data?


well, in this study, the guys weren't on AAS, but it did lower estrogen 38% at 25 mg/day.

i think one of the nice things about Aromasin vs the other AI's, is that one can adjust the dose much quicker, due to the shorter half-life and mechanism of action....