Blood Work Analysis Needed

Next doc visit isnt until the 19th, so any help would be great

T3 - 1.13, Normal - .87-1.78
T4 - 0.78, Normal - 0.58-1.64
TSH - 1.553, Normal - .34-5.6
TESTOSTERONE TOTAL - 236.0, Normal - 132-813
FSH - 1.16, Normal - 1.55-9.74
LUTEINIZING HORMONE - 1.15, Normal - 1.5-9.3
PROLACTIN - 9, Normal - 4-18

It looks like all my numbers, except prolactin fall towards the low end of the ranges. I’m 21 … any recommendations on things that will help?

Btw, I had these tests done because I am having erection difficulties …


You should definitely consider Tribex. Your levels of LH and T are very low for your age. Tribex will stimulate the production of LH which stimulates the production of T via the testes. Just a thought, it could help you in more than one area, if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Wow your T is way too low for a 21 year old. You need to use Tribex, Red Kat or new Alpha Male(when available).

Hey! Somebody needs a lab tech… and here I am! Thing is, you don’t need to be a lab pro to see that everybody’s right. Do something about your LH level, and the rest should bump back up to a decent level. Tribex good.

The other question I have is “what kind of state were you in when you had your blood drawn?” Were you in good to excellent condition right then? Many factors contribute to your hormonal state. If you were a little hungover or whatever, that could explain the low-normal results that you got. PM me if you have any more questions about the lab stuff.

Also if you look at the numbers you posted the LH and FSH are actually below the reference range. This indicats that you are having low test production due to pituitary insufficiancy. The main question that needs to be answered is what is your history with AAS or prohormones/prosteroids? How long? How long ago? What compounds? Any after cycle therapy? All of this needs to be answered and disclosed to your doctor before you can get any real help. Let us know here and we may have some good info for you.