Blood Work After Consistent AI Use

Ok, this is my second post on here trying to dial in TRT and I’m not sure what to
make of my recent blood test. Overall I’m feeling very close to where I need to be at however still no morning erections, maybe once a week and its just ok. Overall erection quality is much improved compared to when I wasn’t using an AI
Current protocol
175mg Test cyp a week (split Tues and Friday)
1mg Arimidex a week (split Tues Friday) same time as Cyp injection.
This blood test was taken on a Thursday morning.

zero HCG last 7 weeks to attempt to keep e2 in check for this blood test.


The blood test I had previous to the results portrayed above.
I was on 200mg test cyp a week.
Test was 1481
free test 38.5
e2 51.1

Obviously looking at my bloodtest my test levels are way too high and I should come down. However I believe that 1mg of arimidex per week would be too high a dose if I lower my test. For the sake of making an incremental change as to not throw my levels off as I feel I’m very close to where I want to be as far as energy levels, erection quality etc, how should I proceed moving forward to get my e2 levels closer to 22 pg/ml?

Why don’t you try, 100mg a week. No ai? Your free Test is almost twice as high as the max range.

More isn’t always better. Lots of guys lower their doses and report feeling better than when it was super high.

Bring your TT into a therapeutic level and you might not even need an AI…

To get near E2=22pg/ml modify dose by a factor of 15.9/22.

If you reduce T dose, reduce anastrozole dose by same factor. Yes, you can stack both calculations.

You should not be splitting your case like this. Go back to your other thread.

Dissolve anastrozole in vodka 1mg/ml and dispense by the drop or volume. A dropper bottle is useful.

Your problem could be thyroid, that is a story for your other thread.