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Blood Work 4 Weeks into First Cycle!


This was my first cycle at 27 years old, male, 5’8"
Test-E at 210mg every 3 days (490mg per week)
Not currently taking AI due to no/low noticeable sides from E2
Blood work was taken 4 weeks into the cycle, and 24 hours after pinning
Weight has increased from 165 lbs to 175 lbs over 4 weeks (due to upping calories to 3K per day)
Body fat has remained around 10-12% according to my omron handheld device

Blood work here:

Noticeable changes

  • I feel less anxiety and calmer overall, which has been a pro during social situations
  • a rash appeared on the right tricep for a week and then went away
  • almost no muscle soreness whatsoever the days following intense training
  • feel a very slight increase in mood and energy throughout the day
  • a noticeable increase in libido recently
  • Squat went from 275x6 to 275x12
  • Incline DB press went from 85x10 to 95x11
  • Deadlift went from 245x7 to 245x8

My questions are:
How concerned should I be about high WBC, Platelets, Absolute Neutrophils, or Estradiol(E2) at 121.8 pg/mL ?

Can I tell if my gear is dosed correctly by looking at Total Test (3209 ng/dL) if I’m still only 4 weeks into the cycle?

Should I take an AI like aromasin even though I don’t feel like the E2 (at 121.8 pg/mL) sides are evident/bothersome?