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Blood Work 23 Y/O


Been scrolling these forums for quite some time and finally decided to make an account

Stats are 6 ft
13% bf

Cycle experience about 2 years ago running 4 cycles. Main compounds were dbol, deca durabolin, sustanon and test r

After last cycle I have found I have a very low sex drive and get tired very easily even when I work in a job where youtube is my main activity

Had my thyroid, b12, vitamin etc etc checked and all was fine. Now my bloods came back for androgen studies/testosterone and I sit at 305. I think low range is like 215 and high range is 750 there were 3 seperate boxes with test levels and another one came back at 12.5, now low range is supposed to be 10 and high range up to 35 so I'm well below. I expressed my concerns with the doctor as I'm married and just don't feel sexually active much anymore and he asked me if I've used steroids before in which I told him the truth. He has booked me a appointment for later this week and his friend the endocrynist I may be getting referred to.

Can someone please tell me a bit more about this and if my levels are within good range for my age. I'm 23


Please list labs in list format with ranges. Your post is too imprecise.

What were your thyroid labs?

Have you read the advice for new guys sticky? There are 7 stickies.

Please explain what you were doing for PCT.