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Blood Work 16 Weeks After Blast

Its been 16 weeks since my last blast,
been cruising on 200mg cypionate

Free Test 55.6 range 31-94
Test 24.4 range 8.4-28.8
Sensitive TSH 1.11 range 0.30-4.00
CK 214 range 40-280
Ferritin 67 range 22-322
FSH <1 range 2-8
LH <1 range 2-6
Progesterone 3 range <4
estradiol <70 range <150
Prolactin 9 range 2-18
hemoglobin 175 range 135-175
hematocrit 0.50 range 0.40-0.50
White B CC 10.2 range 4.0-11.0
Red B CC 5.68 range 4.50-6.0
Vit D 73 range 75-250 LOW!!!
PSA 1.4 range <4.0

Just started T400 and Tbol blast…

im going to start these 50 000iu D2 to raise my Vit D
is my prolactin still a little high?
Will I benefit from HCG?

Looks like you need to donate blood, especially if you just started another blast

I figured my hemoacrit, hemoglobin and blood cell counts were still a little high.

My prolactin went down significantly from where it was, and its in range… but is it still considered high?

I have 4 bottles of hcg still on hand, going to start that therapy and go get some sperm saved, its only $250/yr to store… Who knew?

I would not consider prolactin high but I suppose it could be a little lower but if you feel fine I would not be concerned. But what is up with that estradiol test? I have never seen a range like that and I would want a more specific test

As far as the hcg and sperm, I have read in this forum that trying to conceive or in your case freezing sperm, while on aas will most likely result in a baby girl. So if you want a boy I would try freezing sperm on a cruise dose of test only with hcg and clomid. Again, that’s just what iremember reading in here so look into it more if you’d like.

and don’t procrastinate with the blood draw, high hct is no joke and since you are back on a blast its only going to increase so get that taken care of.

I know, I’m from Canada… I’m lucky to get a test at all.

I paid $40 for the PSA, $40 for Vit D, and $80 for the DHT test
the rest is covered.

Estradiol-17 Beta is the exact test, and that’s the result, what can I ask to be different?

Also under Hematology II
Whats this?
Absolute: Neuts 8.8 range 2.0-7.5 Which is HI
(A) Lymph 0.8 range 1.0-3.5 Which is low
(A) Mono 0.5 range 0.2-1.0
(A) EOS 0.1 range 0.0 -0.5
(A) Baso 0.0 range 0.0-0.2

Glucose - Random 5.8 range 3.6-7.7

Cholesterol 4.37
HDL 1.23
LDL 2.19

Are these ranges ok?
Triglycerides 2.08