Blood Type/Supplements for Digestion

I’ve been reading about some differences between blood types (curious after blood drive) and my type, A+, is linked to low levels of digestive enzymes needed to process animal proteins. I don’t consider myself to have digestion issues but am tempted to try supplements in the event it makes a difference.

Before I shell out money, I was curious if anyone on here has had tangible benefits using digestion supplements and brands you prefer?

I’ve noticed that after eating a meal very high in protein, I’m talking 20oz rib eye steak, I would either get the runs for a few hours or have a huge problem with constipation. I started taking 2 500mg tabs of Bromelain every time I have that much protein from meat sources. It really made a big difference. Completely normal bowel movements every time and I also feel the food not sitting in my stomach as long as it used to. I would try that, but if you don’t have any issues I’m not sure why you would want to.

I have some minor issues from dairy and heavy red meat meals, but i’m more wondering if gains could be better with digestive supp if that makes sense.

If you potentially will be digesting the protein better and in turn absorb more of it, then yes gains will theoretically be better. I’ll tell you from my personal experiences, in the past year I’ve made the greatest muscle gains I have and i attribute it to having better digestion. I’ve always had trouble digesting dairy and heavy red meat meals also, and have definitely noticed a big difference. All I did was take 3 servings of psyillium husks daily and added in the bromelain that I mentioned. Just remember, you’re going to have to stick with it for a few months to tell if there is a positive effect.

Thanks, I’ll definitely try it.