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Blood Type Diet ?


What are your guys take on this. I say bunk but a fellow at the gym swears by it and he looks damn good good but he always tells me he is tired?



I read an article a couple of years ago destroying this theory. I don't really remember anything about it though and of course I don't have the source. Suffice to say it just sounds wrong. Who wants to be on a diet where you have no energy? Isn't a prerequisite for looking healthy feeling healthy?

Curious to know what the parameters are though. Probably 'no carbs for Type O' 'no fats for A +' no protein for...


I know a lady trainer who swears by this. She's in good shape and has put her two daughters on the diet. She claims that they don't suffer from allergies as they used and are doing better in school because of better brain function. I, myself have no experience on the blood type diet per se.


IMO Bull Pucky.

There are way to many individual factors. You could have two people of the same blood type eat the same amounts and types of food and one could become arnold whiule the other nearl had enough to survive or became a whale.

Do a search this deit has had several threads in the past.

Best bet is to eat Good foods and find out how you personally react.

Just my 2cc


As Phill said blood type alone can not help you find the perfect diet for you.

There are far too many other factors. If you are really into this stuff i believe Balco (the guys who brought us ZMA, and Barry Bonds) did genetic profiling of customers and tailoring of vitamins and supplements accoring to their genetic makeup.