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Blood Type Diet?


I am really inquiring to find out if maintaining a meal plan based on my blood type is.. possible, effective, practicle?


1) What's your bloodtype?

2) Does that picture represent your question in a relevant way? (no need to answer that one)

Advice: If you feel like trying the bloodtype diet, DO IT. We can't speculate if it will "work" for you or not, either you try it or you don't.


what exactly was the point of you replying to this post? OP obviously was asking if anyone has tried this diet or not and what their thoughts were on this.

OP....i've read a bit about this type of diet but am not willing to go through with it......it recommends that my diet consist almost no meat and that i live off of nuts and veggies.


yes, no, practically stupid


I'll assume you're talking about the Eat Right for Your Type diet. I've known only one person who had great success with the blood type diet, and he was type O. It did absolutely nothing for me (type B.) Asking around, I didn't find anybody else that had success with it. It does make some good recommendations, like avoiding HFCS for every type, but beyond that the science of it is pretty weak.

What are you trying to accomplish with it? It is, after all, mainly a fat loss diet as far as I can tell. It sure won't help you pack on muscle.


my diet is full of all blood types



I needed to find out more about what the picture had to do with the question. Clear enough? Thanks for asking!