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Blood Thinners


i was recently diagnosed with lupus anticoagulant syndrome. the doctor put me on 6mg a day of warfarin sodium(generic coumadin). of course when i mentioned the fact that i wanted to get back in the gym and run a cycle of test and tren acetate and i asked if it would affect the dosage or the effects of the blood thinners, he just told me i shouldnt use AAS. im looking to find someone that may be dealing with a similar diagnosis that could answer my question in a non bias opinion.


AAS in genral tend to increase blood viscosity, so it would impact the effectiveness of your treatment.


GOD! i fucking hate these twats. How can they manage to be so damn ignorant yet so damn superior at the same time? It truly fucks me up.

I cannot answer you question mate - but great look. My mid-length/long-term goal is where your stats say you are now, ie. ~200lbs competition ready.



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