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Blood Thickening with TRT

So a few weeks back i had my T levels checked
Free Test-12.7
Im a 41 year old male. 6’3" 285 and continuing to lose weight. In may i was at my heaviest at 355lbs
My PCP refused to prescribe TRT so im thinking of other avenues because I have the symtoms
Low sex drive
Infrequent ED
Also had alot of belly fat which im working on with ab work
My question is (sorry so long winded)
Ive read all the risks and side effects and the one that concerns me the most is blood thickening
Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Assuming that’s ng/dL on the free test… you are normal. Your lowest TT isn’t holding you back because you likely have lower than avg SHBG. Your weight is holding you back… lose it. FYI ab work has nothing to do with belly fat. Diet and workout… even diet and walking would work if the weight keeps you from working out.

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Pg/dl on the free test
My weight isnt keeping me from training at all. I weight train, box, and do cardio 5-6 days a week. My regular bloodwork has improved dramatically since I’ve lost 70 lbs.

It’ll keep improving the more you lose. Your TT is pretty normal for your age. Keep plugging away and see where you end up. I’m a big advocate for trt, but if you do t need it yet then it’s wise to wait. Just my $.02.