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Blood Tests?

Hey all,

Long time since I’ve posted, but I’ve got a question.

I’ve got a client (26 y/o, female, approx. 250lbs, 5’7) that has lost 50lbs so far. The problem is that it has taken her over one and a half years to lose this much weight. Though she’s made progress and is happy I think it’s a little slow.

She does 3 one hour workouts per week and an additional 20-25 minutes of supervised cardio 3 times per week. Her diet is also pretty clean except for the occaisional planned “cheat” meal.

I’m wondering about the possibility of a metabolic problem (probably should’ve done this first). What if any blood tests could I ask for to see if there are any contributing factors?

Thanks in advance.

Just have her ask her doctor to check her Thyroid levels. I have hypothyroidism and take synthroid for it. I was having trouble losing weight and it was taking a VERY long time to come off when I did, just like your friend. Hypothyroidism is very common amongst women. If tests come back positive, a synthroid will be prescribed.

Thanks Buffy. That was what I had suspected. I was just wondering if there was anything else I should consider.

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